8 Advantages of Sharing Files over a Network
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8 Advantages of Sharing Files over a Network

Advancements in technology are quickly transforming how the corporate world runs.Businesses that are moving with technology have realized a lot of benefits in terms of efficiency.Increased efficiency has led to saving on unnecessary spending, and as a result, increased returns substantially.

Companies exchange emails and other correspondence with other organizations as well as their clients.

This correspondence is just one way of communication.It is also possible nowadays to exchange more than just emails and fax messages.Technology has now enabled institutions and individuals to share large files securely.

This ability has improved and enhanced how most businesses operate.

Using file sharing network vs over a computer

Here are some of the most impressive benefits of file sharing

A Summary of the Benefits of File Sharing

• Increased Working Hours
• Grab Opportunities Anywhere, Anytime
• Increased Productivity
• Share Documents and Files Privately
• Safeguard Your Files
• Manage Your Files and Save Time
• Enhance Collaboration with Work Mates
• Incorporate Clients and Partners

It Makes Employees to Work More Easily

About 61% of workers in the corporate sector report having worked outside their offices at least once in their schedule.

They are only able to do so since they can send the required files to their offices using devices such as laptops and smartphones.This allows them to put extra work hours, which is beneficial to corporations.

It Makes You Work Anywhere, Anytime

It doesn’t matter whether you are enjoying coffee at your favorite coffee joint or enjoying a holiday at some beach in the Caribbean, you can be hit up by a business proposition at any time.

Such businesses do not come quite often. You must always be on your toes since such opportunities are rare and disappear just as fast.

File sharing comes in handy when you are caught up in such situations.You can put up the required proposals or business documents and send them effortlessly from anywhere in the world, thus closing up such deals.

It helps increasing Your  Productivity

Every member of a team has a different way of working.Forcing individuals to work in one particular manner in a confined environment kills creativity and motivation.

People have different preferences, experiences, and habits and will not react in the same way when putting in the same situation.Having the ability to share files allows workers to customize their workflows

Every individual will take up his or her best working environment and also work at their most convenient times as long as they keep the set deadlines.

Employees can then work at home if they want, at the library for those who like silence and maybe when traveling.Improved flexibility leads to increased productivity and saves a lot of time and resources.

Check this article on Forbes and know how to improve workers’ productivity in some easy steps

It Helps Sharing Documents and Files Privately

There are those photos that you do not want to share on social media platforms, but still, want your friends and families to see.

You can send such images irrespective of their size through file-sharing software available and enjoy those moments with your friends and family.

It Helps Safeguarding Your Files

If you have ever lost your laptop, you would understand the pain of losing your work.You do not even feel the angry because of losing the device but of the years of work you’ve put together getting lost just like that.

When you have your files in the cloud, you lose the fear of losing or having your gadgets damaged.You could lose or damage as many laptops or smartphones, but your data will always be intact.It is one of the safest and easiest ways of storing and retrieving data.In addition to this, you can work from anywhere whether you have your devices or not.Explore some interesting notes from The Guardian here.

It Helps Managing Your Files and Saves Time

Emails are the right way of communications.

However, emails can be cumbersome, especially if you want to find a specific one after sending a lot over a period, it would be challenging and time-consuming.Well, instead of that, you use cloud services such as Dropbox to share files with others.

By doing this, you not only share the files with ease but you also have them arranged neatly in folders.Instead of going through a mass of emails to root out just that one important email, you go to a particular folder and get your files.

You can also sort out your folders easily and move them from one gadget to another or among your workmates.You do not have to use traditional file sharing methods like using USBs.This saves you a lot of time and prevents important files from getting lost in the process.

It Enhances Collaboration with Work Mates

Collaboration should not be only at the workplace, but everywhere else since all that you do affects your team in one way or another.

Being able to share files is one of the best ways you can enhance that team spirit and motivation.

If you are not able to share files, then you have to always be physically with one another for anything constructive to take place.This requires a lot of effort and is extremely time-consuming. It also lowers down productivity a great deal.

It Incorporates Clients and Partners

File-sharing technology is so effective. You do not have to waste any time to get back to your desk to share relevant correspondence with your clients or partners.

You can send or receive files from your clients or partners at any time and in any place.You have to send a link or obtain one from them that allows you to access the shared files.You could bring in clients or partners to your team if need be without having to meet them physically.

Most employees who have the perception that their workplace utilizes technology effectively tend to be more creative, comfortable and productive.They are convenient since they know that they don’t have to work with the pressure of fixed working hours that are common with most organizations.

Comfortable workers are more likely to be more creative since they enjoy what they do.