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What Does Rem Stands For On A Amp

This is basically a no brainer question for any computer-enthusiast, engineers or gamers but for those who are still starting to learn the definition of terms lets go over the basics. Rem stands for Remote. Just like what any other remote control does it tells the Amplifier to turn on whenever the stereo is powered up.

AMPs are kind of like TV sets, you can plug it in but unless you click the power button nothing will surely happen. So, rem, is the power button. You need to either go to your Head Unit (deck) and splice the wire into the remote trigger or go to your fuse box and use the IGN or ACC fuse. Just kind of push the wire or splice it in with the small fuse. So you will need to run another wire.

As I have been mentioning on this article, Rem stands for remote. For an automotive audio amplifier, the remote connection could be for a gain remote. This is usually a dial at one end and a phone jack like connection on the other. This allows you to turn down the gain or volume on the amplifier wherever you wish to mount the remote. If there is a terminal (screw and clamp for attaching wires) under the rem label, then it is for remote shut off. The remote shut off for external amps for like subs or higher end speakers connects a thin blue wire from the head unit or radio to the amplifier. For head units or radios, the remote connection connects to the ignition system. Both of these allow the amplifier to shut off while the key or radio is in the off status. For home theater amplifiers the remote connection could be for a few things. It could be for an IR or Infrared receiver, or to be controlled from another device. These two usually is a 3.5 millimeters female jack terminal. If it looks like a 2 prong 110V receptacle, it will cut the power to another device when the amplifier shuts off.

How do you test your remote wire?

Simply with the ignition in the OFF position, place the positive lead of the multimeter on the end of the remote turn on wire and place the negative lead of the multimeter to a grounding point. Friendly reminder, this can only be done by the experts. If you’re not sure with the process, better ask someone who does.

Standard Colors for Remote Wires -The colors available for amplifier remote wires must be very overwhelming and confusing that’s why I have listed standard wiring harness colors for a remote wire for your guidance:

  • Red- Switch/ Accessory
  • Black – Ground
  • Blue- Antenna Remote
  • Blue with White Stripe – Amplifier Remote Turn-on
  • Orange with white stripe- Dash Light Dimmer/ Illumination
  • Green- Left Rear speaker
  • Purple- Right Rear speaker
  • Gray- Right front speaker

Disclaimer: The colors mentioned above are just really the common colors noticed to most aftermarket applications. Your device or vehicle might have a different color from what was mentioned above. Always make sure to check the wire coloring codes included on your manual.

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