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Best Apps Like Powtoon Free Video Animation Tools

Powtoon is an excellent cloud-based platform for creating videos quickly and without much effort. So, It’s packed with features and several additional tools for doodling, whiteboard animation, slides, etc. Though, most of the time, people use one or two elements of Powtoon but pay a hefty price every month. Thus, in the article, we bring you the best Powtoon Alternatives, which cost way less & are feature specific. Well, You don’t have to pay $19/$59 a month for doodling when you can get the same thing done at $8. Then, without wasting any time, let’s go through the list & find the best Apps Like Powtoon which suit your need in 2021. 

Best Powtoon Alternatives Free Video Animation Tools

Hither, we have included Apps Like Powtoon, which are equally good and provide a similar feature set. Most of the applications are available online, but some also offer a desktop app, so choose whichever you find convenient. Some of the alternatives are complete apps with all the features, while some applications are solely for one purpose. So go through the list & pick whichever one that serves your purpose. 



Doodly is an excellent platform to create engaging and intuitive videos by doodling on a whiteboard. So, You want to create a tutorial or an explainer video? As well, Doodly is the best option for you.

I love Doodly because you don’t need an iPad or an expensive stylus to doodle your imagination. You can now do everything using your mouse, and Doodly can transform your rough sketch into a professional-looking doodle. 

The Doodly uses its proprietary technology called Smart Draw, which creates point-and-click draw paths. This can even create a doodle from an image or an object.

Therefore, if you don’t want to create doodles by yourself, Doodly has a vast library of many different types of doodles. Other than that, all you have to do is search for what you need, and the Doodle will be ready.

Besides, you can also import the voice-over and synchronize it with your doodle sketch. If you find doodling entertaining, then Doodle is a free and interesting alternative for Powtoon. 



If you like drawing animated videos and animations on a whiteboard, another great alternative to Powtoon is VideoScribe. Like Doodly’s whiteboard style template, you can produce storyboards at no extra cost.

You need to choose a template from its collection and then type your text. There are thousands of free doodles at PicDoodle, which you can easily drag into your drawing. Besides, this application allows you to sync your voice. You can make a professional-looking video in just an hour.

The web interface is user-friendly and simple. Anyone can easily create Youtube videos without knowledge of doodling or animation. If you’re looking for an explainer video creation alternative for Powtoon, I would recommend VideoScribe for its reliability and efficiency. All things considered, VideoScribe remains the most effective Powtoon substitute to explore in 2021. 



Powtoon is a highly capable alternative to the Powtoon. You can place videos easily using the Renderforest library. It has a great library of designs, music and sounds. You also have access to its valuable collection of images and video clips.

This platform is designed to have a quick and easy utility. You have to choose a template and a scene, and then you can start editing the selected elements. You can record your voice-over on Renderforest. Once your video is completed, then it will be done in a short time.

Thanks to the best features renderedForest have to offer. If you want to get an app like Powtoon for free, Renderforest can be an appropriate alternative. You are free to do it. 



Moovly is another great online platform to produce graphics and videos. You can make movies with templates and pre-defined design elements just like Powtoon. This is the package you need; it has everything you want.

In addition, you have numerous templates for countless different products. You can freely and easily browse templates of HR video clips, explainers, promos, tutorials, whiteboard videos and animated explainers.

Moovly also offers a separate library of stock imagery and videos that you can easily copy into your project. There are also different free tracks available to choose from.

The most amazing feature is that the interface is smooth and undemanding. Anyone can create content on Moovly, either new to the platform or not. Moovly videos can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram.

Create and publish a video on any of the social media platforms. Moovly can be an excellent alternative to Powtoon in 2016. Do it! 



Wideo is the best Powtoon alternative for creating professional-looking videos and presentations on the cloud. Just like Powtoon, you can make intuitive slides and videos using various templates and royalty-free images. For animation videos, many options let you apply cool effects and transitions.

You can now choose your style of content from more than a hundred ready-made templates, including business meetings, explainers, promos, etc. Wideo has interesting libraries of templates, soundtracks, and design objects which can make your video look excellent. Along with that, you can now create stunning slides with perfect clipart, fonts, and design elements. 

There is an option to create vertical videos, which will help you have a mobile-centric audience. So, Having said that what I love most about Wideo is their simplicity. The Powtoon is popular because anyone can create awesome videos using its simple interface.

Similarly, Wideo has an easy to use interface where you can create exciting videos and slides without requiring much expertise. Well, All in all, Wideo is a worthy alternative to Powtoon, and you should use it for its great library of design elements. 



Animaker is the most popular animation software for someone with no experience in animation to create animated videos. You can create highly attractive videos by selecting the design elements and dragging them.

The same is true for Powtoon, where the prototype must be selected and animated characters, text and design items placed in the library. Animaker has the largest animated character and design library. You must scan and drag elements of design into your scene. The crucial aspect is that it supports animation on the whiteboard.

In addition, you have access to thousands of special icons and soundtracks, transition effects and more. For a mobile-first audience, you can even create vertical images.

In summary, Animaker is the entire application for the easy development of animated images. Animaker is a better option for you to check for a feature-packed Powtoon replacement tool.



Prezi is presentation software that enables you to quickly and easily construct several looking slides. I would recommend Prezi for his amazing choice of models and design elements if you were using Powtoon to build slides. It has a simple GUI with the right arrangement of the canvas and editing software.

In addition, the concept artifacts and breeze can be dragged and dropped quickly. Templates include publicity, sales, education, HR etc. There are also different categories. You can browse the templates that have been prepared and start your slide.

You can also add data to slides and display diagrams with several intelligently built tools. It is best to import and customize PowerPoint slides on Prezi.

Please notice Prezi is available online as well as offline. You should install the web program to continue your work if you don’t have internet access. In general, Prezi is a great way to make wonderful slides, and if you just want to create presentations, you can switch from Powtoon. Prezi is one of Powtoon’s finest video animation alternatives, taking it all into account. 



RawShorts is this list’s most special, exciting video site. Artificial intelligence is used in seconds to construct animated scenes and characters. It works like this. Your video script needs to be uploaded. The AI will interpret the text.

After a few minutes, RawShorts brings all the animated character bits, pieces and design elements together on the timeline to be reviewed. It also produces a speech narration, and the timeline synchronizes the audio. Isn’t it really good?

Ok, I think it’s a perfect way to take full advantage of AI. However, you can now revisit the draft and make changes as you want. You may subsequently download or publicize the video on any website.

Well, RawShorts is a great choice if you want something very fast that is not too complicated. It’s fast, and in seconds you can do your stuff. So, in summary, RawShorts is a godsend when you are searching for an alternate Powtoon to make videos as fast you can. RawShorts is one of the top Powtoon choices on the right market, with its long story short. 



Biteable is another great alternative to Powtoon, which is as good, if not better, than other applications in this list. With Biteable, in just a couple of hours, you can make great-looking images. It gives you the ability to pick ready-made scenes from thousands of models in your library.

The best thing is to get more than 85,000+ clips and pictures from Shutterstock. You just have to check for and move the media to the timeline for your content criteria. You will have access to thousands of animated videos made by your own studio, which means nothing must be created from scratch.

It’s spotless and easy to use when talking about the interface. Thousands of clips and soundtracks are available. You can seamlessly add and edit your texts and images. Biteable is incorporated into YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to save more time.

As we can see, the USP of Biteable is time and how easily videos can be created without trouble. Thus Biteable has all the required resources to fill the gap, as an option for video animation if you wish to make videos instantly and without any great effort. 



Focusky has been among the best in the industry for several years in making outstanding presentations and visual animated images. So, if you are looking for a Powtoon option, I suggest that you try Focusky.

With a large library of backgrounds, styles and characters, Focusky ensures that you always have different tools to develop your presentations and make your animated videos beautiful. Regarding number and type, its tool range has been focused on Powtoon’s bid.

Focus sports on a nice user presentation that enables you to quickly create and display your animated video. It has one of the largest template collections, making it simple for you to create presentations.

I have also noticed its set of transitions beyond templates in line with the offers provided by Powtoon. It has had enough of a good look, from spinning, slide, to zooming, to pan-effects to satisfy the eyes of your videos. 

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Create Videos Quickly with These Powtoon Alternatives

Thus, that was our list of the 10 best Powtoon alternatives you can use right now. While Powtoon is a feature-packed platform for creating videos quickly, the other options are not too bad either. There’re some interesting and cheaper ones out there that do the job sufficiently well.

Therefore, if you find Powtoon expensive, you can check out the alternatives in this list. These mentioned apps cost way less than Powtoon and do a great job. Well, that is all from us. Suppose you liked our list of Powtoon alternatives, do let us know in the comment section below.