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Freelance Jobs in Social Media

Although social media has changed our lives radically, some people often slash social media for fostering fragmentation in the name of unification. Whether you are a heavy social media user or a light one, you might have noticed that social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have created a lot of jobs.

Many students dream of becoming freelance writers but do not know how to get started.  The fact is, clients are looking for passionate writers. Meanwhile it doesn’t matter how experienced you are. There are many freelance writing jobs for beginners, and it is very easy to find these jobs. If you are looking for writing jobs, you should make the best use of social media to reach people who are willing to pay you for writing content.

It is really good news that writers and editors all over the world are more connected than ever. To find an editor, you do not need to write very well. Even if you are an average writer, you will find clients who really need your service. The potential of social media freelance is often underrated.

When it comes to finding the right clients, most freelance writers fail to fathom the usefulness of social media. Many writing jobs are now posted on social networking sites. It largely remains an untapped resource. Facebook, for example, helps you reach millions of interested readers. At least some of the readers will like your writing.

If you are comfortable with a bit of clever marketing, use social media to reach your target audience. So, none can deny the advantages of social media. But it is also important to know how to use social networking sites such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

You need an online portfolio

The goal of using social networking sites is to derive visitors to a place that shows the visitors who you are. You must showcase something the visitors find interesting. So you must have an online portfolio and showcase your best work. For a freelance writer, this is a very effective way to reach the right audience.

We can not ignore the immense prospect of the field because there are many social medial content writers who do it professionally. Defying the myth of starving writers, many of these writers are earning enough to support their families.

The reason is simple. No matter where you live or how you look like, you can contact many other freelance writers and editors. In this age of social networking sites, distance is no longer a barrier.

Make sure that the portfolio does not contain the work you are not proud of. The portfolio should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. The link should be easy to follow so that the readers on social media can go to your portfolio easily. If you can do it well, gradually you will have more and more readers.

The miracle of LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups have made the lives of freelancers a lot easier. If you are a writer with interest in a particular field, people who need your service will find you via LinkedIn groups. It makes it ridiculously easy for you to reach readers who will really like what you write. LinkedIn is a very effective social network for writers.

No matter what topic you write on, you will find a LinkedIn group focusing on that particular topic. This is the magic of LinkedIn groups. All types of writers can find other people who do the same thing. It is important to note that the groups are moderated. So you have to post only quality content that will appeal to your target audience.

Using Twitter hashtags

You can use extra keywords in your tweets to reach your target audience more effectively. You have to do some research to figure out which hashtags you need to append to your tweets. To reach the targeted users, you have to make sure that the hashtags do not affect the readability of your tweets.

Doing your research is the key to Twitter marketing. There are some tools that you can use to know the relevance of a particular hashtag. You must see related hashtags and choose ones that can serve your purpose. There are many social media content writers who use Twitter hashtags to promote their work.

Other jobs in social media

Social media is helpful not only for writing professionals but also for people who offer other services. Now we are going to focus on a few other freelance jobs that you can try if you are not a writer. Many people have taken these jobs seriously, and are making good money.

Director of social media

Before you get into this job, make sure that you are ready to handle responsibility for strategy, and you are a good team player. This job requires following a set schedule and posting on several platforms. Creating those accounts may or may not be your responsibility.

Your responsibility may include writing blogs and overseeing a site. In most cases, the company will expect you to create their social media personality. Creating a particular voice requires not only hard work but also talent.

To demonstrate outstanding performance in this job, you have to know a lot about social media. If you enjoy spending a lot of time on social networking sites such as Facebook, maybe this is the ideal job for you.

Social media

Engagement coordinator

Also known as an engagement manager, an engagement coordinator is responsible for overseeing a company’s social media messaging. You must have a good understanding of how people behave on social networking sites, and you will have to influence public behavior to some extent.

The responsibilities of an engagement coordinator also include creating and executing a good marketing strategy and make sure that people feel tempted to respond to posts. If people like a particular post, they will share it, making it go viral.

Brand manager

The role of a brand ambassador or brand manager is to take care of the advertising side of a company. Whether you have a blog or not, you will have to post on social networking sites, trying to make people interested in your product or service. Many students are now doing this job because it gives writing opportunities for students.

A brand manager does not usually manage communications directly. The main focus is on the sales aspect of social media. If you get into this profession, you will find many jobs online. People working in this kind of position are also called content strategists or content managers.


This job is all about managing KPIs, the short form of key performance indicators. Different types require different types of KPIs, and the roles vary a lot. KPI management involves sales goals, shares, re-tweets, views and dashboards. For some companies, you may also need to manage a KPI budget. To be able to work in this post, you have to know how to analyze monetary benefits.

Digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing campaigns have strategic directions, and a digital marketing consultant has to develop those directions. A consultant may not work inside an organization. If you are interested in this profession, you have to learn the ins and outs of running a marketing agency.