Email Automation in CRM Set Up in 10 Best Ways

Email Automation in CRM Set Up in 10 Best Ways

Email is still a great method to get your customers’ attention, and email automation makes marketing crusades that much easier.

What is Email Automation?

The title of the game in marketing is not just to reach your audience but to resonate with them and build long-term relationships. To do that, you require to keep the conversation going, that is where email automation comes in. Email automation involves sending out routine, targeted emails to specific customers based on a schedule when they are most suitable to respond, such as right after a purchase or after browsing a special product but not buying it.

What are the Advantages of Email Automation?

Seasoned marketing specialists realize that there are many benefits to automating the email process. Some of the most important benefits are:

1.Grow Your Audience

Email automation helps you add new leads to your lists and streamline the process for welcoming new customers and pinging those who have gone dark.

2. Retain More Customers

Lingering in touch with your current customers is much easier than converting new leads into sales. Automated emails make it simple to keep in touch or reach out if a customer hasn’t purchased in a while.

3. Metrics to Gauge Where You Stand

Most CRM systems have built in metrics that you can utilize to quickly gauge where you stand in terms of audience click-through, engagement, & responsiveness. These analytics can highlight emails that served well and those that did not make the grade.

4. Engaging with Your Audience

Personalize your message, & your customers are more likely to respond. Customizing their experience makes each customer feel unique and appreciated.

5. Stretch Your Marketing Dollar Further

The more you can automate, the further you free up your hardworking marketing team to focus on other more critical tasks. Using email automation software that assists them in doing their jobs could also boost morale with your marketers.

Email Automation Works Excellent for These Types of Interactions with Your Customers

  • Welcome emails.
  • Lead generating emails.
  • Customer retention emails.
  • Abandoned cart follow-ups.
  • Order confirmations.
  • Discount offerings.
  • New product promotions.
  • Anniversary or birthday emails.

Steps to Setup Email Automation in EngageBay

There are dozens of CRM applications on the market, and most of them include email automation tools built right in. EngageBay is 1 such program, and it’s super easy to set up an automated email campaign following the steps below:

We’ll believe you have already built your email list through opt-ins and other email address collection devices.

1- Be sure to segment your audience into “lists” or buckets to make email automation easy. Some demographics to think are: gender, income level, location, occupation, pain points, and where they are on the customer scale.

2-Log into EngageBay and choose an automated email template.

3- Use the email design tool with drag-and-drop technology to personalize the content, add images, links, and anything else you want.

4- Don’t forget to add social media buttons and links.

5- Select your target list/bucket of customers to email.

6- Choose a schedule or event that triggers your email to send.

7- Create an eye-catching subject line to get customers to open your email.

8- Test your campaign to make sure it works the way you want.

9- Save it and forget it!

10- All the automation is done for you.

If you require to make changes later, log into your EngageBay account and edit the email contents and save.
Other programs may have different tools for creating automated emails, but the overall process will be the same.