Things to Consider Before You Decide on a Cable TV Service

There are a number of cable TV providers in the market to choose from, even greater are the number of packages they offer. Combine it with the bundling options they have and you’re bound to get confused. You may be tempted to bang your head against the wall, but no matter how frustrating it gets, just don’t. It’s not worth it.

We realize it can be a pain, but it’s really not that hard. What you need to do is keep a few key things in mind before you subscribe. To help you out, we’ve made a list of things for you to consider on this journey to find your perfect cable TV service.

Make a List of Channels You Can’t Live Without

A lot of providers boast of 200 and more channels. Obviously, more is always better but not the best when it comes to your wallet.

A normal person can only watch so much TV. After a tough day at work or school you only get a few hours to yourself. Most of us prefer to catch up on our favorite shows before we retire for the day. So it’s really a couple of channels that we watch anyway. When we go to buy a plan though, we end up being persuaded by providers that the package with more channels is one we should go for. The higher price for it is hardly justified and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever watch the extra channels you get. In the heat of the moment though, we can make the wrong choice.

To save yourself from future-trouble, we suggest you first make a list of all the channels that you just can’t live without. If you’re a movie buff, you might want HBO and Cinemax. If you’re a sports fan, ESPN or beIN Sports may be your priority. If there are kids in the house, you might want to get Disney or Discovery Channel. Not all packages are equal even if they offer the same number of channels. What matters is if they offer those channels that you watch most. So, make a list of the channels you love and see which plans offers those. Then again, if you’re a Netflix person you might want to get a cheaper basic package and get your entertainment from the streaming service.

Find out Which Providers Are Available in Your Area

Not all providers are available in all areas, even the big ones like Charter internet. So before you get your sight set on one that isn’t even available in your area, be proactive and find out which providers are.

To find out, all you need to do is go online and search for cable providers in your area. If you visit buytvinternetphone you can find precise information by putting in your zip code or directly visit city pages i.e Spectrum San Antonio TX. It’s pretty simple really. Your work doesn’t end there.

Once you know which providers are in the area, dig some more. Ask around in your circle or friends or in your neighborhood about which cable provider they have and if they’re satisfied with the service. What did they expect when signing up with these providers and were they deceived in some way? Do they ever need to call customer support and is it helpful or not? These are important questions. All advertisements look fancy and it’s worth it to ask around.

Look for Deals

The competition is tough and a lot of companies are trying their best to get new subscribers on their plans. To attract them, they often have promotional deals on offer that are sure to save you a few bucks. Make sure you ask for them and after learning about them, compare them to find out which offer is the best. On the face of it an offer may seem cheap, but when you get into the fine print it might get expensive. Be sure to check when these promotional prices expire and if you’ll have to sign a contract with them. A lot of companies offer a great promotional price in the first year and raise it in the second. They get you to sign two year contracts and in the end you pay the amount you normally would anyway.

Ask About Hidden Costs

While you’re reading the fine print, also check for extra costs, or ask the provider directly about these hidden costs. You may be expected to pay installation fee, rental fee for DVRs, taxes, cancellation fee, late fee and onetime charge for new connection, among others. These really add on in the long run and can destroy the budget you’ve set aside for it so make sure you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

Check for Bundles and Test Its Math

If you bundle your deal, you obviously get a better offer compared to if you were to buy a package separately. So if you’re also looking for an internet service or phone line, check their bundles and do the math to confirm if it is indeed a better deal.

If you’re getting another service along with cable, make sure to compare them with bundles from other companies. For instance, what internet speeds do they offer and where can you make calls for free? You might get a better deal than you bargained for.


Nothing is set in stone so don’t be shy and negotiate. To bargain like a pro, be sure to do your research well and leverage it. Even if they don’t decrease the price, you might get installation waived off or get some of the premium channels you love.

Easy as Pie

It really isn’t that difficult. Just follow these few steps and you’ll be able to find the best cable service for you. Do your research so you don’t get trapped by flashy sales pitch and advertisements. Know yourself and your habits before you set foot in the market. Once you’ve made a selection, bargain, and bargain hard. There is room to haggle and you might get an even better deal. So, that’s it, you know what do. Happy shopping!