Pokemon Fire Red Cheats- All About Cheats You Need to Know

Always the Pokémon saga has been a popular gaming option for all players. Dozens of versions for various consoles are available that have hit the fans of Pokémon. Pokemon fire red is now available for the Smartphone also so one can enjoy playing it into his/her android device. Also, Pokemon Fire Red cheats are available to allow you to play it easily.

Pokemon fire red version is the enhanced remake of 1996 role-playing video games pokemon blue and red. The game is a part of the 3rd generation of the Pokemon video game series. It is today holding the distinction of being firstly remakes of the older gameplay with the franchise.

Set within these creatures world, the game brings to us the classic role-playing game format of older NES. The main character has to explore the country of Kanto for mastering all battles. The major objective is becoming the master and for that one has to defeat the trainers.

As in older games, a player controls the player character from the overhead viewpoint and takes part in the turn-based battle. All over the game, player imprisons and raises the Pokémon to use it into the game. New features include the contextual help menu.

The game has received excellent positive reviews by obtaining the aggregate score on Metacritic of 81%. Mostly the critics praise the fact that games brought new features whereas still maintaining the series traditional game-play. Graphics reception and audio was added with the reviewers saying that they were so simple and lacked improvement compared to the older games. Fire red and leaf green both had got greater success, selling about 12 million of copies all across the globe.

About the game-

Pokémon role-playing games are released for the handheld soothe, fire red and leaf green are in the 3rd person and transparent viewpoint. The major screen is over world, wherein the gamer navigates the leading roles. When a gamer encounters wild Pokémon or is challenged by the trainer, screen switches to the turn-based battle screen that is displaying the gamer’s Pokémon and involved one. In the battle, the player may choose the move for their Pokémon to perform, switch the active Pokémon, and use the item. All the Pokémon are having hit points when the HP is reduced to zero, it faints and can no longer fight. All the players engaged in the battle get a certain sum of experience points and after getting enough EXP, Pokémon will get leveled up.

Capturing the Pokémon is an important element of the game. At the time of battling, a player can throw the Poke ball. If Pokémon is caught successfully, it will come under the gamer’s ownership. The factors into the success rate are including HP of targeted Pokémon and the poke ball type used. The low is target Pokémon HP, stronger the poke ball is.

The fire red and leaf green are the remakes of the red and green, they include usability enhancement like contextual tutorial features that permits the gamer to look at the data at any time during the game. When continuing the game that is saved, the player can see the last actions that are performed into the game, helping in remembering what is done earlier.

The game is supporting game boy advanced game link cable with which the connected gamers might battle or trade. The players playing it can connect with the Pokémon Colosseum allowing permitting them to obtain more than 350 Pokémon. Leaf green and fire red is having the ability to get connected to GameCube and act together with the Pokémon box. In Pokémon box, the gamers can organize and view the Pokémon collected and in Colosseum, the Pokémon can be used in the battle.

Leaf green and Fire red are the first games into the series to be compatible with the game boy advance wireless adapter that comes with prepackaged games. A player can plug the adapter in the game boy advance system link board and permits all gamers into the radius of 30-50 feet to interact with one another wirelessly. Additionally, as many as 30 gamers at a time can join the special location called a union room wherein they can battle or chat and trade also.

How can you play the game fire red on the android OS?

To the player’s game boy, an advanced emulator and ROM are provided with .GBA extension. Here are a few simple steps to follow on how to play this game on android OS.

  • Hit on the download option and download the available ZIP file that is to be unzipped.
  • Install My Boy GBA emulator that a gamer will get in the APK format.
  • Now load the ROM that is available into the same folder.
  • A player can now begin playing the game and with the on-screen gamepad, the player can control it.
  • Make sure that a player uses android 4.0 versions at least.

About Pokémon Fire Red cheats-

Here is the list of few cheats for Pokémon fire red. The listed cheat codes are well tested and verified by the numbers of users. A player can apply these cheats to PRF (US) version as every game series is having unique code so cheats that are presented here don’t work for Emerald and Leaf Green.

Making active the game cheating codes might cause problems. This usually happens when the ROM version isn’t compatible with the cheat codes that gamer activates. So, follow the tips that will help you to start the Pokémon fire red cheating without any troubles-

  • Try activating a maximum of 3 Pokemon Fire Red cheats in the game.
  • Use US version fire red ROM
  • Turn cheats off once used
  • Use GBA4iOS, suggested GBA emulators, OpenEmu, My boy 9 android, visual boy advance windows
  • Save the game playing currently before activating the cheats
  • Once the cheat is activated and if you have noticed irregularities, no need to save the game

Some popular cheats used-

  • Shiny Pokémon
  • TM & HM items
  • Rare Candy Cheat
  • Walkthrough walls (ghost cheat0
  • Wild Pokémon modifier
  • Infinite EXP
  • Masterball cheat
  • Legendary pokemon encounter
  • Steal opponent pokemon

So, start using Pokemon Fire Red cheats and makes your gaming experience amazingly wonderful.