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Play Free Online Video Games In 2021

Gaming has been in our lives for years now and has taken a new course this year. What are Online Video Games today without live streaming? The sports industry nowadays has all the gamers hooked by live streaming on different platforms today. E-sports has changed the experience of Online Video Games for youth and game enthusiasts by allowing gaming to be streamed online on different sites. 

The video game industry includes various Online games with many platforms and levels played by professional and amateur gamers. For instance, counter strike global offensive has many accounts like cs go smurf accounts, an online multiplayer game that experienced players use to outrun inexperienced ones just for an easy win.

These accounts are streamed on different platforms, which are used by gamers worldwide to play live, gather feedback and reviews, grow a community, and earn money by gaming. Most of these websites are free while some charge a lot, hence it is important to choose a site before you start a game. So to give you a kick start, let’s discuss the top online gaming streaming sites. 


Holding its title still high, twitch is still at the top of online gaming streaming in 2020. It has many noticeable streamers in-store and claims a beautiful UI with many different options hence for a beginner, it’s a holy grail to indulge and engage for pro tips. Twitch is easy to use, efficient, and free! It has an interesting variety of content that engages an audience of every age and variety. This website lets you chat with other users, subscribe to their channels, and learn more while staying up to date with every launch and announcement.


One of the most used platforms for gaming. It provides an experience with the utmost quality and the only platform that plays and supports 4K video resolution at 60 fps frame rates. It helps a gamer stay organized and have a more deep experience with various options and settings. Also, gamers can earn good money with YouTube by establishing a broader content base which allows you to target your audience more efficiently. It is highly user-friendly, and different channels are used for gaming instructions, reviews, and commentary on streamed Online Video Games, in addition to the different backgrounds by music, etc. hence it allows you to bring together all content in one place.


Gosu gamers is a platform that is becoming increasingly popular because of its inside ties with the e-sports scene around the world, and features a mixture of different games on the platform, and prominent streamers like Voy boy. It’s a continent place for amateurs to start and live stream their games. It also funds all known file formats that produce high-quality video game clips of any HD. The site offers outstanding suitability to gamers for more vast communication and exchanges in the gaming community. It moreover develops a live game streaming platforms business with an aesthetic layout that is determined on e-sports only. It is one of the simplest platforms for new online gamers but can be complicated for new viewers. It has many variants and features that allow live gaming to be impossible to leave even for a second and has you hooked! The Best Online Video Games Sites Nowadays.


An innovative platform that allows its live gaming streamers to use this site of any stage to use this platform and connect with different creators or other like-minded users, making the experience more intriguing. It also allows up to 4 people to live stream while having a fun fetched challenging game. Live chat, real-time analytics, allow the game to run more smoothly with features comparable to Xbox Live and PlayStation live, hence it is expected to grow popular in the gaming arena online.

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