Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island – South Pacific Paradise and One of Australia’s Hidden Gems

Norfolk Island is Australia’s hidden gems, located between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia, and is an external territory of Australia’s commonwealth. So, This captivating destination is often overlooked as it is relatively small and only a 2-hour direct flight from the mainland of Australia.

This South Pacific Paradise that is Norfolk Island has so much to offer its visitors – from a rich cultural history to an abundance of native wildlife and stunning landscapes, and so much more.

History of Norfolk Island:

Captain Cook First sights it, Norfolk island was initially hoped to be a rich source of materials and fertile soil to feed supplies and food back into mainland Australia’s sterile environment.

Ultimately, Norfolk Island morphed into a penal colony and was home to the infamous tale of “Mutiny on the Bounty.”

Well, After leaving the island abandoned for 11 years, it was again inhabited by a second convict settlement. So, As a result of this, Norfolk Island now houses a selection of charming, fully restored Georgian buildings with their architecture preserved as museums and history centers. This history provides an abundance of museums, sites, and tours to be explored when visiting Norfolk Island.

Things to See and Do:

As well, Alongside having a rich history, Norfolk Island is renowned for its stunning, virtually untouched natural landscape and native wildlife. Now, A majority of the coastline is accessible to the public and takes rocky cliffs and bluffs with a plethora of native flora.

The beaches provide an eclectic backdrop for the day, with their wild coastlines, white sand, and clear turquoise water. Some beaches are perfect for surfers or ones that have calmer waters for leisurely swimming, as well as reefs to explore. Norfolk Island is a reasonably compact one, meaning you can watch both the sunset and the sunrise over the ocean in just a five-minute drive.

The Norfolk Island is also the home to many native sea-birds and sea-creatures. Several unique coastal bird species threatened with extinction reside in the island paradise – such as the Norfolk Parakeet, Providence Petrel, and houses over 1% of the entire world’s population of Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters and Red-Tailed Tropic Birds. Well, At certain times of this year, Southern Right, Minke, Humpback, and Sei Whales, along with Whale Sharks and Dolphins, can be spotted very close to the shore.

Entertainment and Food

So, As well as fascinating cultural activities and beautiful natural sights, Norfolk Island has no entertainment shortage. The Norfolk holidays have a lot to offer, and an abundance of tours explore all of the aspects of this hidden gem! Now, From fishing charters, glass-bottom boat adventures, kayak tours, and snorkeling trips to golf, minigolf, squash, tennis, and lawn bowls, there truly is something for historical and cultural island tours everyone.

Thus, Food on Norfolk is a delicacy in itself! Well, Engage in a cheese tour or locally-produced liqueur tasting, or you can find your chosen cuisine from a range of local cafes and restaurants. However, Book in for a traditional Island fish feast, embark on a breakfast bushwalk, or take the Taste of Norfolk tour and meet the locals themselves in the food industry. Suppose you’re up for it, even book in for a local murder mystery dinner party and combine dinner with entertainment!

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The Norfolk has a unique charm, combined with an irresistible coastline and an abundance of activities, making it the perfect South Pacific destination to visit. This includes something for everyone – a rich history, many activities, tours, and Norfolk Packages and Holiday Deals make for a very affordable getaway! This hidden gem really really needs to be seen to be believed! 

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