4 Best Travel Tips for Every Globetrotter

While some people love the comfort of their homes, there are a whole lot of people who love to visit new places, learn new cultures and interact with a whole new way of life, hence loving to travel around the world. As much as this might seem fun to do, there are some basic things this tourist or intending ones need to know in order to have great trips and memories and those are exactly what I’ll be sharing in this post.

1. Eat Local Food

From the first year of my travels, one of the biggest regrets was that I was not brave enough to try any local food. I have raised a good eater, and this caused physical distress and eating disorders, so it made me believe that I hadn’t tried it before either. I was just so wrong. Eating now is my absolute favorite way to get to know a place better.

I love trying new things, and I’ve found a thousand amazing dishes that I could never find if I ate at supermarkets around the world. Trying new foods is not scary, and when you love more and more things, you will build your confidence. Try it all out, even if you don’t know what it is. I promise you won’t regret it. Or fall straight into an anaphylactic stroke.

2. Make a Plan

One of the first lessons I learned was that I always changed your plans. You will come to a place and hate it and want to leave immediately, or you will love a destination and spend more time there. You will be friends with a group of awesome people and want to change your plans so that you can spend more days with them, or you will get to know the amazing nearby town and instead want to go there. Just call and book your Florida party bus to enjoy your trip with your Friends and Family.

Of course, you should make a good plan for your trip, but do not book everything in advance or you will feel very limited and regret it. Book one-way tickets and your first few nights of accommodation – you’ll know the rest. It’s not as scary as it sounds. If you are at a tourist destination, there will always be someone who is willing to take your money by giving you a place to stay.

3. Take Extra Passport Photos Around

People laughed at me when I said that I was talking about a dozen spare passport pictures, but they proved incredibly useful and saved me a ton of time and trouble. Who wants to roam the streets of some of Cambodia’s rural towns who can take your picture?

My friends had to do it! I used them to apply for visas around the world, get a new passport when I was on the other side of the planet, I was expired, and I needed to buy a local SIM card in Nepal. Chat Lounge Adding my bag meant I didn’t have to spend a day researching and then wandering around a city to try to find someone who could take my passport-sized picture.

4. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

When you travel, you live in the sun more than most people for months visiting the island and spending time at the beach, as well as all day long. Wear sunscreen every single day, regardless of the weather and temperature, because you really don’t want to take a lifetime trip to skin cancer or the body, which is empty in a leather wrap. I wear sunscreen on my face and chest every day, even in the middle of winter. Check out more travel tips if you are really fond of traveling.

And there it is. Some of the best tips every traveler should hold on to religiously. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and more so share this post with others who might find it helpful.