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Hulu Alternatives – Best Streaming Sites like Hulu in 2021

This article is regarding Hulu and Hulu Alternatives that you can use in 2021. Well, Hulu is an online streaming app that made its first appearance in the mid-2000s. There’s one thing in Hulu, which is of different tastes. Hulu always granted their audience with the shows aired just 1 day before the said date. The audience can watch those episodes/series for a few weeks if someone failed to watch the show for the 1st time. The idea caught up instantly with the world, and Hulu scored a vast audience.

Nonetheless, every good thing has some drawbacks. Hulu offered just a few web series to binge on and had restricted accessibility, which caused discontentment and displeasure among the viewers. This points to frustration among the viewers, and over a while, Hulu lost a considerable amount of viewers. If you are 1 of them and are disappointed, you don’t have to worry your head off about it. There are several other Hulu Alternatives to binge-watch your favorite shows.

Best Hulu Alternatives

Indeed, there are several free Hulu Alternatives, and if you take a lot of those services, then the list goes on, but all of them are not reliable in the long run. Simply put, those unpaid alternative apps are slow, usually are of poor quality, and unreliable. Moreover, without a doubt, they’re generally illegal and skirt copyright laws.

In contrast to these, the paid subscriptions are much reliable. They are highly dependable in the long term since they provide better, convenient, and faster services for a very minimal fee. If you keep in mind the type of uninterrupted shows, you get to watch extremely high quality. The high-speed access and high viewing quality of the shows make the paid subscriptions worth it.

Also, There are some Kodi addons similar to Hulu. The Kodi addons was previously a media center 1st, and then it developed as streaming services. Kodi has many unofficial Addons to come into existence. Some of these Add Ons are good Hulu Alternatives.

If you don’t desire to go for a paid subscription or use the Kodi Addons, you don’t have to be dissatisfied. Here is a list of a few of the best free and paid Hulu Alternatives to watch your favorite shows.

cCloud TV

Hulu Alternatives
The First on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is cCloud TV. This streaming device has a lot of benefits. Some of them are the massive range and variety of content that the user can access or opt for. Also, The subscription fee for cCloud TV is comparatively cheaper and marks one of its strong suits. The third benefit that cCloud TV offers are its worldwide availability.

Notwithstanding, every candle has a shadow, and thus, cCloud TV has major drawbacks too. The reliability and video quality are lacking in cCloud TV. Also, It ultimately depends on the kind of addon that you use. Utilizing an addon like Kodi can give the consumer access to various channels from all over the globe. From documentaries to live sports, you can access all of these from cCloud TV.


Hulu Alternatives
Netflix is one of the Streaming Sites like Hulu. It can be easily stated that Netflix is the king of all online and offline streaming apps. Netflix has been around for a long period, even before Hulu and other online streaming apps. Comparing Netflix and Hulu, Netflix does offer more options for series and movies. The only disadvantage that Netflix has is that you won’t be able to stream the recent episodes of any series which are aired.

Despite this drawback, Netflix has a huge number of series archived, which you can easily stream. Also, Netflix offers the option for online and offline streaming. Netflix is an international streaming app available worldwide. In contrary to this, Hulu is available to Japan and the USA.

Netflix has a massive variety of web series and movies that you can stream anytime and creates Netflix Originals, some of which have proven to be huge hits worldwide, which adds another point in favor of Netflix. Also, you don’t have to depend on a proxy and shady VPNs for streaming a show, unlike Hulu. Hulu prices extra for an ad-free experience, but that’s not the case with Netflix.

Sling TV

Hulu Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is Sling TV. Numerous people may not have heard the name of this service because it is much newer than the other online streaming services, but Sling TV has made quite a name for itself despite its relative newness. This service sports tagline is ‘a la carte TV,’ which means ‘TV the way you want it’. It is just as it sounds.

Instead of spending precious money on useless TV packages filled with channels, you don’t intend to watch it ever. Sling TV permits you to opt for only those channels that you want to watch. There’s no wastage of your valuable money in this method, and it is incredibly beneficial to cord-cutters who are looking to cut off all the extra fluff.

Sling TV is pretty similar to Hulu because it lets you access the fresh TV releases, and also, through the catalog that they provide is not so varied; it is still a great experience to watch the show as they air. Its major drawback is its geographic limit. Sling TV is currently streaming just in the USA, but if you opt for a VPN, then you can watch it abroad, too, like Canada, the UK, etc.

Amazon Prime Video

Hulu Alternatives
Amazon Prime Video is 1 of the best Streaming Sites like Hulu. Amazon published this Instant Video in 2006 to compete with the ever-growing online streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. It provided web series and movies to the audience for free. They ranged from modern to classic times.

Amazon Prime Instant Video also offers several new releases, but you have to spend a small fee on that. Free movies are only limited to the consumers who opt for the Amazon Prime subscription, which can be a major drawback, but if you once get the subscription, then it’s a pretty smooth deal for you.

Of course, you cannot expect it to give a huge variety like Netflix since the subscription fee is significantly lower than Netflix. Besides all these, Amazon Prime also gives a wide selection of originals like Netflix, which is a major advantage over Hulu. Nonetheless, Amazon Prime Instant video does not provide you with immediate releases like Hulu. Still, this drawback gets canceled out by all the major advantages that you get in this device.


Hulu Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is Crunchyroll. Hulu is known for its vast random collection of anime, which it offers to its viewers. Even though Hulu still offers much anime that the users can enjoy, it cannot be compared to Crunchyroll. It is an online streaming app, especially for steaming anime, and it is for anime lovers worldwide.

Crunchyroll has many more than 25,000 episodes of anime, Asian dramas, and animated movies. Crunchyroll has everything from Attack on Titan, Naruto, etc. The service is available to a wide range of locations, and you can even stream high-quality anime for free. Also, The ads are kept to a minimal level. Crunchyroll is a must-have for all hardcore anime fans and lovers.


Hulu Alternatives
PopcornTime is also one of the best Streaming Sites like Hulu. Now let’s be fair. We have all heard of PopcornTime and utilized it at least once in our life. PopcornTime has indeed shut down several times due to copyright issues. Nevertheless, it always reverts, and each time it appears to get better with even more content. There is no putting down PopcornTime. It always resurfaces with a different URL and more content, like a Phoenix.

It primarily focuses on famous Hollywood movies, and you may not find many classical movies or TV shows here. Still, you can also stream new movie releases here, and some high-content movies are available on PopcornTime, so be sure to check them out too. If you’ve never tried this app and are searching for a free online streaming app, then we highly recommend you to try this.


Hulu Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is Pluto.TV. You may never have heard about this 1, but it is a handy online streaming service. It’s an underdog in this industry; however, that doesn’t make it useless. You can stream live shows to live news for free on this app. It’s connectible to a variety of streamers like Google TV or Apple TV.

After the confirmed connection, you can quickly stream hundreds of shows for free. It may not have the choices as massive as Hulu, but you won’t ever fall short of entertainment on this app. Free sports, free TV, etc., are all available at your fingertip without paying any fee. What can be better than this?


Hulu Alternatives
Putlocker is one of the Streaming Sites like Hulu. It is not much of a famous fellow among the world of online streaming devices, but it has somehow managed to survive all the storms. Just like PopcornTime, Putlockers has been taken down several times for copyright issues. Nonetheless, it always managed to come back with different URLs.

Putlocker provides you several links to the show or movie you search for. Nothing is put out upfront, which causes poor video streaming quality and makes it less likable among the spectators. The experience is not a smooth 1 but as far as an unpaid alternative goes.


Hulu Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best Hulu Alternatives is Crackle. It is an online streaming device developed by Sony. Crackle is available in 21 different countries, which is a huge advantage over Hulu, limited to only a few regions. You don’t have to pay any fee for any subscription for using Crackle, you can download it, and you are good to go.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide you with as many content options as Hulu, but since it is entirely free, we cannot complain, can we? You may undergo some ads while watching any show, but that’s just a small price to pay. Also, Crackle provides several original shows like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.


Hulu Alternatives
USTVnow is one of the best Streaming Sites like Hulu. The owners have mainly designed this for a targeted audience. The owners of USTVnow have created this streaming app for the military stationed and travelers outside the US who miss out on the local news from back home. It helps broadcast live news and cable TV to those stationed or living outside the US temporarily or permanently. Also, You can upgrade to the paid version to watch more content and regular TV shows.

Streaming Sites like Hulu Conclusion:

Indeed, Hulu is a favorite streaming service app. Indeed, why should you stick to one when you have several other options to explore? We’ve listed the list of the best Hulu Alternatives. Go and try all of them and enjoy streaming.