Finland—Your Ultimate Water Getaway

Finland—Your Ultimate Water Getaway

if water is your spiritual element and you feel completely in sync with it, then you should make your way towards a country in the Northern European region, called Finland. Think of it as a thread of land weaved in with unique waterlines. There are rivers, lakes, ponds, islands, saunas and glittering lagoons spread throughout Finland. Water is a part of not only its geography but its very culture. It’s a lifestyle, which you should definitely experience firsthand. If this is not enough reason to convince you to pack your bags straight away, then check out the following water-based appeals that Finland proudly boasts of.

Summer Tranquility:

The peak heat of June is enough to make anyone feel agitated. Especially those afternoon rush hours when the tempers of the drivers run high and car honks fill the frustrated atmosphere. In such scenarios, no one can imagine spending summers outdoors. The heatwave automatically forces you to stay in the centrally air-conditioned indoors. However, to our surprise, Finland has a totally different take on summers. With the temperature touching just above 10°C, the days are pleasantly warm. The Finnish people tend to dwell in the summer cottages by the lakes, where they could go out for a swim any time they want to. The water bodies are clean and peaceful. There are functional saunas too, where you can go to rejuvenate your soul.

Feisty Sports:

It’s called the land of a thousand lakes for good reason. Finland is a water haven. There are plenty of water bodies and consequently, water sports clubs and centers everywhere. All you need to do is conduct a little research online or contact the local tour guides, and book your spot in the most popular place. Then, you will be free to partake in some of the best water sports in existence, from extreme paddle boarding to water skating, feisty jet-skiing to surfing, and even the slow and peaceful ones like fishing, rowing, and swimming. The sky is the limit.

Clean Factor:

There has been more than one occasion in my life where I would excitedly dip my feet in a lake only to pull out a slime-fest. Yes, utterly disgusting and the stuff of nightmares. Most of the water bodies of the world are suffering from contamination, either from disposed and non-recyclable plastic or from oil leaks in the ocean. Due to this, not only marine life but the whole ecosystem has received a terrible blow. But not Finland. This region has been declared by UNICEF to have the clearest waters you have ever put your eyes on. That is why the Finnish locals like to take full advantage of this natural blessing, and so should you. How? By booking your ticket to Finland on the next flight out over your super-fast internet connection, as acquired from the ever-affordable Spectrum Silver Package.

Winter Exhilaration:

If say the word ‘snow’ and immediately you jump to reignited fireplaces and hot chocolate mugs with floating marshmallows. Wintertime is procrastination time, after all. You never feel like getting out of your warm and cozy blanket and stepping out into the needle-sharp cold wind. That’s the effect this cool season has on most of us. However, for the Finnish people, winter is all about daring to go out and partaking in extreme sports. People love trying out ice hole swimming especially because it benumbs your body and makes it undergo an energetic reboot.

Picturesque Sceneries:

Water constitutes a major part of Finland, so it serves as a canvas on which all the natural seasons paint their unique colors. Summers bring out the bright blue beauty of the rivers and the lakes. Autumn’s dullness sheds the water in a dark glow. Nevertheless, the winters are the most picturesque, as the water bodies freeze over in a fairy-tale like manner.

So, after going through the aforementioned reasons, be sure to plan your trip and take a deep dive into Finland’s gorgeous water bodies at least once in your lifetime.