Clips on YouTube

Use Clips on YouTube to Create Short Video Clips

YouTube has started experimenting with Clips – the company’s new feature that lets viewers make short clips from videos and live streams. Among this addition, you can easily share exciting moments from videos without any hassle. The continuation of the generated clips can be anywhere between 5 seconds and 60 seconds. Here article shows you how you can use the new feature Clips on YouTube to create short video clips. 

Use Clips on YouTube

Well, According to YouTube, Clips is currently in limited alpha. So, As a result, not all channels support the feature, and YouTube has selectively enabled the feature on specific media. Recognizing this limitation, we have also added a third-party solution you can use to replicate Clip’s functionality somewhat. 

Clips on YouTube Web

1. In YouTube’s web interface, you will notice a new ‘Clip’ button if the feature is available on the channel. Tap on it and wait for the clip creation pop-up to appear. So, Do keep in mind that you will see this button only if you are logged in to YouTube. 

Clips on YouTube

2. Then, You can now use the preview window to choose the clip’s exact duration. This is worth noting that you can also specify the timestamp box’s precise timestamp just above the preview window. So, To recall, clips can be from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. 

Clips on YouTube

3. Next, Add a title to the clip and click on the ‘Share Clip’ button to share the clip with your friends. You can now choose to directly share the clip to social media platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, KakaoTalk, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr, Linked In, Mix, and even email. You can copy the link to the clip by clicking the Copy button. 

Clips on YouTube

4. Now, When your friends access the video from the link you just generated, they will see only the portion you highlighted. Moreover, the underlined portion will keep looping until the user clicks on the ‘Watch Full video’ button to view the entire video. This title of the clip will also be visible to the recipient.

Clips on YouTube

Clips on YouTube Mobile

This YouTube clip is limited to Android devices at the moment. But, the company has promised to bring the feature to YouTube for iOS in the foreseeable future.

1. First, Open the YouTube app and tap on the ‘Clip’ button. So, You will now be taken to the clip creation interface. So, Unlike YouTube web, you can’t specify the time duration in a timestamp box here. Alternatively, it would be best if you used the slider to pick the time accurately. Once you’ve finalized the period, click on ‘Share Clip’ to share the portion of the video. 

Clips on YouTube

2. You will now see Android’s share sheet to help you quickly share the clip with your friends. You can press the ‘Copy link’ button to copy the clip’s link to your clipboard. 

Clips on YouTube

Third-Party Solution to Clip Videos

As Clips is still on alpha, it doesn’t support the vast majority of YouTube channels out there. Thus, here are a few workarounds to replicate the functionality of Clips until YouTube officially adds it. This method primarily varies based on which aspect of Clips interests you the most.

Suppose you are someone who wants to share specific moments from a YouTube video. You can make use of timestamps to do it. So, Open a YouTube video and click on Share. Well, From the Share page, check the ‘Start at <duration>’ checkbox to start a video from a particular timestamp. This means, when a friend opens the video, they will directly be taken to that part. 

Clips on YouTube

However, if you’re like me who’s planning to use Clips just for looping specific portions of a video, there’s a Google Chrome extension for that named ‘Looper.’ With Looper, you can easily wind a part of a video until you get tired of it. So, Once you download it, you get a new ‘Loop’ button that offers access to a neat slider to control the loop duration. 

Clips on YouTube

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Try Clips on YouTube for Sharing Highlights

With this Clips on YouTube has brought the clipping feature that’s already popular on other live streaming platforms like Twitch. This will be interesting to see if YouTube’s implementation of Clips proves to be an instant hit for sharing crucial moments in a video. Well, That’s something we will have to wait and find out when YouTube broadly rolls out Clips to all channels. So, For more such tips, check out our article on YouTube tips and tricks.