CartoonCrazy Alternatives

CartoonCrazy Alternatives For Streaming Cartoons Online

This article is regarding CartoonCrazy Alternatives That You Can Use For Streaming Cartoons Online. Ever since televisions came, everyone as kids loves cartoons. Even as adults, we envision ourselves are characters in the cartoon movies and shows that we watch. CartoonCrazy used to be a Kodi add-on that would help parents play cartoons and TV programs for kids.

Today when everything is turning digital, we miss those times. Still, this post is here to excite you since we will be sharing the 10 best CartoonCrazy Alternatives so that you are always in touch with your favorite cartoon characters.

Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives

Here a list of CartoonCrazy Alternatives that you can use to watch cartoons and anime in high quality online.

1. Horriblesubs

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
The First on our list of the best CartoonCrazy Alternatives is Horriblesubs. This is another platform offering a free anime streaming service. Horriblesubs is relatively new, but it has a pretty impressive collection, although most of them are hosted by other websites (third-party providers). Besides offering free service, they also provide high-quality videos that can be useful for your entertainment needs. The website is friendly with direct features you will love coming to it.

2. KissAnime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
KissAnime is a similar site like CartoonCrazy. It allows you to watch your preferred anime without requiring a download. In addition, this site provides several categories of the most popular anime and animation in the world. Apart from that, KissAnime also provides an HD quality format to watch anime with good picture quality.


CartoonCrazy Alternatives
The Next on our list of the best CartoonCrazy Alternatives is Looking for the latest and the newest anime series or movies? This would be the perfect site to do it. Feel free to stream the contents; the streaming speed is fast, and the movies are high quality. Many people who have used the site claim that they have experienced a fantastic moment within online easiness and convenience. inspires this site, so don’t be surprised if the interface is almost similar to the site. The administrator determines to deliver high-quality anime content, and they also make sure that users enjoy the site. That’s why they have handy categories, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Land of the Lustrous, Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, and others.

4. GoGoAnime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
GoGoAnime is one site that is claimed to be one of the trusted CartoonCrazy alternatives, mostly because of the direct operation and convenient use. You can use the site without being bothered by annoying ads or such things alike. The operation is straightforward, and the loading time is pretty fast, making it fun to navigate your way around. And you can be sure to get the latest episodes or series because they like to add new content regularly.

Everything on this site is neatly arranged in sections. So feel free to browse the selections of Popular, Movies, New Season, or Anime List. From each section, you will find sub-sections and different options. It’s entertaining and free to explore the site, and the design makes it visually pleasing.

5. Animelab

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
If you want to enjoy high-quality videos that are original from Japan, this site will give you what you want. Not only can you enjoy the service free of charge, but you can also gain access to thousands of titles and episodes. The site is constantly updated every week, so you can be sure that you will get the latest and the newest updated content regularly. Finding your favorite flicks would be easy as the library is divided into various categories of Genres, Latest Series, and also Popular Shows. Each category will have different options too.

Another cool thing to like about the site is the absence of registration. Yes, you won’t have to create an account or register to stream the movies. However, if you want to get the updates, you will have to register and provide your email address – that’s how they notify you. Some of the most popular content include Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Gangsta, Dragon Ball Super, etc. The combination of high-quality videos, huge libraries, and a convenient user interface is the reason why this site is considered one of the best CartoonCrazy alternatives.

6. MasterAnime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
MasterAnime is another similar site like CartoonCrazy. It a fantastic platform to watch Cartoons and Anime online for free. Also, it provides you some Part, or I Will say, the category where you get your latest anime of this day MasterAnime had an excellent UI here you get the homepage without Advertisements, That is the best Aspect of this Website, Users May Run this Website Effectively because almost all things are categorized.

7. Disney Now

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
Another similar site like CartoonCrazy is known as DisneyNOW. It is the best site that encourages you to stream free cartoons online. You may also look into the entire website to watch cartoons, Disney movies, videos, and plays with a considerable measure of fascinating games.

The website provides some animations to watch online free of charge. All movies are listed via a landing page, and that will be making it easy for you to watch free Cartoons online with the expectation of free using DisneyNOW.

8. AnimePahe

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
Next on our list of the best CartoonCrazy Alternatives is AnimePahe. If you’re a fan of anime, Japanese animations, you may wish to think about downloading AnimePahe lets you watch movies and series stored on their servers.

Want to watch anime with English subtitles for free? This is the best place that not many people know, with a relatively straightforward user interface. All you’ve to do is go around the main screen to find various titles out there. There’s also the choice to utilize its built-in finder that you may find by unfolding the menu you will see on the right side of the screen.

9. Crunchyroll

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
Crunchyroll is a similar site like CartoonCrazy. You’ll find pretty much every most recent anime here; do an affirmation that they’re available in high definition to watch on the internet. This is an American popular site also licensing company for online Anime streaming. You may enjoy anime or cartoons anytime for free; if you think you watch animations online illegally, then only try this, Because Crunchyroll shares entirely legally.

10. 9Anime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives
9Anime is 1 of the best websites to watch anime online. Here you can find tons of collections of anime series with English subtitles. You may also be able to search anime orders by alphabet name A to Z. If you’re looking for a site like CartoonCrazy to watch cartoons and anime online, I strongly recommend 9Anime.


Here a list of the Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives that you can use to watch cartoons and anime in high quality online. Now at least you understand that there are several sites like CartoonCrazy that you can visit to add up your anime collections.