A Cool Way to Look at Year-end Goals and Have Exponential Successes

A Cool Way to Look at Year-end Goals and Have Exponential Successes

Is it me or has 2019 whipped right by? We are now into November and nearing the end of the year. I used to be of the mindset that one had to get all of their goals and objectives accomplished by December 31st. That sales targets needed to be met.

That the last push for personal goals like exercise, weight loss or other virtuous healthy things you strive for also had to be accomplished by December 31st!

You know what I really think of all of these self-imposed and culturally correct deadlines? I think you can throw them out in the recycling bin out back. They are to be trashed. It’s a bogus way to think, act and feel and it sets one up for failure and to feel bad about themselves if you don’t accomplish your personal, professional and financial goals.Throw them out. Do away with these self-imposed deadlines.

Now, hear me out, set your goals, change your life for the better, improve your bottom line and your bottoms too if weight loss is something that you want for yourself…but let go of the deadlines.

Deadlines are damaging us.

What if you don’t reach your ideal destination in the time frame you so desire?Does that mean you are a failure? That you don’t measure up? That you will never realize your goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations?No, not at all, not one bit.To me good business, good health, improvements in your financial outlook all come from you chipping away at it every day all year around!

Last October 2018, I began the Keto program. I was nearly 280 pounds. I am now down to 225 and thankfully my sugar levels are in the high 5’s to mid 6’s. I technically am not diabetic. Also, my cholesterol is pretty good (it could be better) and my blood pressure is good too.There is a lot to be proud of…some major accomplishments. Add to the fact, I feel sexier and I am in a 37-38 pant…wow baby!

But, what if I told you my goal is 210 pounds and I am not there yet…and I wanted to be by the year mark (by this past mid-October 2019)? What if I fixated on the time and goal and nothing else?I would imagine I would be pretty darn upset. My old pattern would be to eat if I was upset or feeling sad.

So, what I am urging you to do is let go of the deadlines, let go of the attachments and keep doing good things every day you’re alive. You won’t suffer any more.If you let go of the deadlines and focus on doing the right thing in every moment, day after day and have good consistent behavior as your goal, you will surpass your goals and probably enjoy the change you want to be in the world.

Plus, you won’t beat up on yourself and you can celebrate the other victories that come your way with consistent “right action” day in and day out.We’re not robots. We are human beings with challenges, negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and we can only do our best at any given time.So, this year, as the year draws to a close, let go of the deadlines and choose to establish your goals on a day-to-day long-term lifetime basis.

If you want to increase your business, make those cold calls each day, or attend one more networking event each month.If you want to save $50 a month, cut back on buying coffee out of the home and brew it yourself, or make your own lunches rather than buy them at the nearby greasy spoon.If you want to take off a few pounds, walk more, stop eating after 7:30 pm, drink more water and exercise a bit more.When you have a long-term plan in mind, when you do little things each day, when you are in the “moment” of it all, your chance to rock your goals and make change count goes up exponentially!

Why is that? Because, if you do 3 cold calls a day for 5 days a week, that is 15 a week, 60 a month. Out of 60 say 20 percent turn into meetings and out of that half become clients. You will have 6 new clients each month, just by making 3 cold calls a day — that’s about 20-30 minutes a day.It is manageable. You got this — break your goals down, let go of the deadlines, have a long-term vision and approach, but take it day by day!

Oh and enjoy the coming year end and holiday time; at least you won’t feel pressure to complete something because now, you are always working on it and you will see it just becomes part of how you live, work and run your business!

Make it a great month!