7 Tips for Playing Online Slots and Win

7 Tips for Playing Online Slots and Win

Online slots are the most played games at both land-based and online casinos. You don’t need skills to play them, and neither do you need to be experienced. The best slots can also be exciting, addictive and profitable when you win.

But as you probably know, you can also lose your bets. That’s alright, though. Losses are unavoidable when playing gambling games. But to keep losses to a minimum and maximize your wins, follow these seven tips.

  1. Choose High Paying Slots

Contrary to popular belief, slots don’t pay at the same rate. Some games pay more frequently than others. In Las Vegas, such machines are considered “hot” or “loose.” By contrast, slots that don’t pay out often are referred to as “cold” or “tight.”

Luckily for you, online slots have records of how frequently they dispense cash. The highest paying game has a return to player rate (RTP) of 99%. The average payout rate for online casinos stands at 96%, which is still better than what many Vegas slots would pay you.

To be clear, a slot’s payout rate doesn’t reflect the amount of money you can win from it. You could win $10,000 from a slot with a low RTP and win less money from a machine with a 98% payout percentage. But over the long run, the high-paying game will pay out more often than the low RTP game.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to a Single Slot

A common mistake among new slot players is to choose one high-paying game and bet on it continuously. But here’s something they forget. Casinos have the edge over the players. So, when you play a game that pays out 95% of wagered money, the house will easily make more money than you do.

As such, you are better off playing multiple games. You could be unlucky playing one game, but you’ll probably strike a win when you play three or four games a day. You can play classic slot machines or modern video slots. You have a choice between fruity slots or games themed after sports, video games and pop culture.

Nearly every online casino provides a wide variety of slots to play. Fruityslots.com/slots/ has a guide to help you choose exciting, high-paying online slots. You can play most of the games free in their demo modes to test whether you love or hate them. Afterwards, you can play them for real money.

  1. Find Games with Bonuses and Multipliers

Besides RTP rates, another way to choose a great online slot is to find one with incredible in-game bonuses. The rewards should also appear frequently in the game. That way, you receive free spins to help you enjoy the game longer than your money allows.

Multipliers, on the other hand, magnify your wins two, three, five or 100 times. The best games could pay you 5000 times your bet. But you must trigger nearly bonus symbols in the game. Nonetheless, a multiplier can be the difference between cashing out pennies or thousands of dollars.

Apart from their monetary value, in-game bonuses also make slots more entertaining. They challenge you to find hidden treasure boxes or to score goals in football-themed slots. With the addition of tuneful songs and immersive graphics, you can play them all day long.

  1. Find and use Great Casino Bonuses

Online casinos give out slot bonuses occasionally. You’ll get free spins when you create an account and more rewards when you make your first deposits. Some casinos award players free spins weekly while others customize your offers depending on how much you spend on their games.

Regardless, grab good bonuses immediately you find them. For starters, great rewards have a reasonably long shelf-life. You don’t want to claim bonuses that expire within hours or one day. They also should be plentiful.

More importantly, find bonuses whose wins you can cash out. That’s the purpose of playing casino games, after all. Most casinos have terms and conditions you must fulfil before you can cash out bonus wins, though. Due to that, read these terms cautiously and pick bonuses with the most favourable conditions.

  1. Know about Game Volatility

It’s not enough to know which game has a high return to player rate and which one does not. Game volatility also matters because it helps you understand how much money to expect from every win.

A highly volatile game, for instance, doesn’t payout frequently. But when it does, you earn ample cash. Examples of highly volatile slots are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. These games have paid out tens of millions to lucky winners.

Some games payout moderately while others pay up in small amounts but frequently. Most professionals choose games with medium volatility. Gonzo’s Quest is an apt example. Although you won’t always win when playing the game, you’ll still get reasonable returns from your bets.

  1. Have a Budget and Schedule

Online slots can be wildly addictive, but they can also drain your wallet. Unless you have a bottomless pit of money, you’ll want to have a budget. If you choose to gamble $30 per week, follow your budget. Without a budget, you could waste away your weekly budget on the same day.

Having a schedule for when to play also helps you plan your days. You don’t want to spend all your time playing slots. A good program also helps you spend your money properly because you’ll know how much money you spend in each session.

  1. Keep Trying New Slots

Most people play the top 10, 20 or 30 most famous online slots. At times, though, the best games come from the least known games. Most people don’t play these games, so they stay hidden until you try them. Considering you can wager as little as ten cents with most slots, try out numerous games over time.

To Conclude

Winning at slots all depends on your luck, but you can increase the odds by choosing great games. Pick slots with high return to player rates. Avoid games that don’t feature in-game bonuses and multipliers and play numerous games until you find the best.