Significant Ways to Evaluate Trees Health

4 Significant Ways to Evaluate Trees Health

Trees are masterpiece of nature. These are the beauty of earth. But It should keep in mind that these trees need special care and attention. If you are keen of planting trees at your farm or around your house, you should take proper care of them. Their care demand proper assessment and evaluation of the trees after regular intervals for that arboricultural consultant are best.

Steps to Evaluate Trees Health

evaluate trees health

These health surveys help a lot in evaluating the health of trees. There are some important tricks of assessing the trees health. Some of the Import A steps in this regard is as follows:

1.  Growth Rate:

You need to check the growth rate of the trees. For this purpose you must have knowledge that how and in what ways specific trees grow? If you are aware of this factor then you can observe whether the trees are growing at sustainable rate or not?

You must keep this in mind that specific reduction in the growth rate is an indication of the poor health of trees or some other health relevant problem.

2.  Presence of Mushrooms:

Mushrooms growth around the trees is a clue of decay in growth of trees. Presence of Mushrooms around the trees or even over the trees simply means that there is some serious problem with the root or trunk of the tree. As mushrooms usually change the entire shape of the root. You need to dispose off the mushrooms as early as possible.

3. Laverne’s Seasonal Inspection:

Laverne’s four steps are a complete source of evaluating the health of trees. These four steps include a comprehensive observation of trees. Let’s have an overview of these steps:

  • a) Step 1:

You should first of all observe with great attention the base of the plants. If there are some soft spots or decay then it’s an alarming situation.

  • b) Step 2:

Collar of tree is also very important to observe. It is the meeting point of root and trunk at soil surface. If you feel any crack or broken trunk then it is the sign of demolishing of tree.

  • c) Step 3:

Obviously you have to observe all the parts of tree. Trunk is also an important area of evaluating tree health. You have to look for long and deep cracks in the trunk. If these cracks are present it means that your trees are getting weak. You can also seek help from an arborist if the cracks are very much deep.

  • d) Step 4:

Now come up to the upper part of the tree. You have to observe the branches, condition of leaves and flowers. If you notice broken branches, or poor condition of branches, full or partial bare branches without leaf or buds then surely it’s an alarming situation.

4. Blooming In Spring:

Keep this thing in your notice that your trees bloom well and in natural way while their blooming season start. If their growth is not compatible to the healthy environment then surely there is some problem with the health of trees.

Evaluation of trees is very much Important because you can take precautionary actions at time for the safety of trees.