Why TikTok is Going to be the next Big Thing

At first place,  who knew that a Chinese produced application would become the most search app for 2018?

Yes, we are talking about TikTok today, which has become a new trend for social media users and all entertainment followers. A company named Bytdance launched TikTok for an audience outside china in 2017 as the Douyin and TikTok only differ in their server address. We can also admit that Douyin is a similar app but it only works inside china catching all server restricted for Chinese only.

Increased number of followers was a great deal for TikTok in 2018 when many androids downloaded this app. Not only this, but it also became famous among Apple users as well, according to the Sensor Tower.Hence, the short clip videos, background music, and amusing filters attract a lot of actors to perform with confidence. While video editing options also help in making a perfect piece of this art.

Viral videos, trends and visual entertainment

It is a fact that visual information works like magic for social media marketing and when it comes videos, they spread like fire in the forest. Daily updated and customized mini clips are way too easy to make and require less time.

Day to day the TikTok visual options are increasing thus making it clearer for users and followers as well. Advance Video editing, more filters, and view ability measuring tools are the future consideration of this app.

Next marketing platform for youngsters

Other than Facebook and Instagram now TikTok is seen as a marketing platform for targeting teenage and youngster. Capturing the audience of this age is very complicated as they easily get distracted with something shinier and brighter. That’s why companies are now considering TikTok as the next marketing platform for the audience of age 12 to 25.

The TikTok influencers are the next brand ambassadors of various companies and brands. Whereas, the clothing and fashion companies are the most interested to make TikTok as there platform.

Social media influencer

Challenges and campaigns

The challenges such as fake travel challenge and Adele songs challenge are the example of ongoing trends that became viral. Whereas, some public service message campaigns are also a very famous mantra for functional use.Then factually, some brands see it a good opportunity for advertisement, so they collaborate with different influencers and video makers.   


Influencing other social media platforms

One of the best reason that TikTok is going to the next market place for brands is that it has an option to link with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Then again, the videos get viral on other sites as well due to sharing and viewership.


Thus, because of all these benefits many international and multinational brands are looking forward to working with TikTok for marketing and product endorsement. That’s why more followers are required in order to get instant popularity. Here’s a bonus tip for you, check out SocialBoosting for more followers!