Trick Or Treat?

Trick Or Treat?

Generally talking Trick or Treat works best on the Halloween, though we will not be talking about the October celebration, but about brain tricks and treats. The most undiscovered part of human beings and is the brain and the functions. Without knowing specific – “what”s and “why”s we still manage to operate, though we do not often understand the reasoning behind it. Consequently, we do underestimate ourselves and the capability of brain functioning.

It is said that even while being a genius we still do not use the whole resource of our brain. Most commonly 65% of people use only up to 10% of the brain. Though in the interview with neurologist Barry Gordon in Scientific American, he highlights the fact that this is only a myth and all parts of the brain are almost always active. Which is, of course true, if the brain cells are alive they are all the time active. Even during sleep, when the body is supposed to be sleeping in the brain there are still hundreds of electrochemical processes going on. That pretty much describes the phenomenon of dreams and REM as well as non-REM sleep. But we are not here to talk about sleep, we can do it the other time.

You have watched the movie Lucy, have not you? If not let me quickly explain what is the movie about. The main character who is pretty much ordinary woman gets under experiment which is about testing her brain capability. The movie is very interesting as it develops together with the development of Lucy’s brain. She gets sensitive about everything and begins to understand everything that is going on around her. It is not that we are going to teach you how you should expand your brain capabilities, but after reading the article you might understand slightly better how to transfer tricks into treats.

What Lies Beneath

In order to understand the human being better, people started to seek for answers deeper in psychology. When you dig deeper you begin to notice some casual cases that you did not pay enough attention to in daily life. Are you occupied at work, or do you do the housekeeping? No matter what you do or in which sphere you operate, your brain gets ticked almost every day.

Have you gone to the market and seen the price of 4.99$? Do you ever get a change for 0.01$? Not really, but do you buy 5.00$ item or item for 4.99$? Most probably the second one, despite them both being for the same price. It is your brain making tricks on you my dear. Just because it has seen the number 4 at the beginning instead of 5 does not mean that it is cheaper. It just means that your brain makes classifications. It indicates the smaller number and makes you think that you are paying less. It is your psychological state that speaks on your behalf. You might not even recognize it, it all lies in your unconscious state of mind.

Want to hear more examples? You have been to the hospital, have not you? What color clothes do doctors wear? White or light blue or green. Have you ever thought to yourself why is that? Imagine doctors coming for a procedure wearing red or black uniforms. Have you already? How does it feel? Most probably not very comfortable. This all is due to the associations you have towards specific colors. For instance, the black color is usually worn on funerals. The association is already bad, with death. It is natural that you would not love to see someone in black clothes before lying on the operation table. The same goes for red. Your blood is color red. It might also be connected with the injuries as well as anxiety. Not in this case you will be too happy to proceed with the operation.

There is no definite code of conducts and no one has said that there should be in one way or another. It is again your brain playing tricks on you, my dear. Psychology is a very strong state. You act according to what your brain thinks and offers you.

On the other hand, green and blue colors are considered to be very relaxing and reliable colors. This is the main reason why doctors wear green or blue uniforms, it calms down the eye and has an association with relaxation as well as loyalty. When the eye calms down the brain receives signals as well. It makes your psychological state a lot easier and the patient is ready for the operation while seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Most often the light at the end of the tunnel is when patients open their eyes for the first time after narcosis and see doctors wearing the white or light color coats. This is the whole of magic.


The competition in every field, in every market, is very high nowadays. This happens due to several reasons. First is the development of technologies and different methods. Second is that sources are not limited. If one truly desires something s/he can very simply get information and fulfill the desired act. Having a specific idea about something gives you an illusion by which you determine the following actions.

As mentioned before, the playground is huge, though there are a lot of players and a limited number of balls. Which means that you have to be the best of your kind of team in order to get a chance of playing. Sports can actually be a good example. When you play football it is very important to do maneuvers in order to trick other players and keep the ball for yourself. In marketing, it is very much the same. You do maneuvers in order to trick the brain and get yourself, clients. The better the maneuver, the more people you have on your side.

In order to have a good practice, make sure you follow some cases. In order to be more vivid, we can take some of the most successful brands such as Coca Cola and Pepsi. Those are way effective marketing campaigns. Coke uses colors and actions for the marketing campaign. We do all love ads of Coca Cola because they are associated with New Year, joy and happiness. Whenever we see it on shelves of the shop the associations pop up. Your brain got tricked again.

What about Pepsi? There was no room for colors and joy for Pepsi as that niche is occupied by Coke. What they did instead is, address another trick. They chose famous and most loved people from different spheres. Such as footballers, and singers. Ads with Pepsi are always connected with the very successful and well-known people around. Consequently, the association of success and fame pop-up whenever you take Pepsi from the shelf. Your brain got tricked once again.

Good marketing is the key to the success of the company and your business. Make it all work and you will be able to reach desired results. While coming to this part of the article you might already have the idea of what works and what does not. Make your brain use all of the activity and send intensive electrochemical signals.

Tricks To Treats

In order to figure out what is best for your brand, think carefully about your motivation and about the character of your business. Learn how to use the full potential. In the movie Lucy, she learned how to use full potential by digging deeper into her thoughts. She learned is via reaching out to signals and managed signals on her own. The main point is not to lose any signal and to learn the right management.

The same happens with marketing. It is not only about the activity but it is about the right activity. The right signals should be sent to the costumers in order to excite specific targets and make them tricked, while in reality being treated. Signals have two modes, one is to excite the other is to inhibit. If you send a doctor in the red coat your signal will stand as an inhibitor, as the patient’s brain will take it as a threat due to the existing associations. From the other side is you send lady in red to the customer, most likely the signal will be received as an exciting actor, due to lady in red will be associated with passion.

Find a niche that has not been occupied yet. It will assist you in creating your own outlook and give more maneuvring opportunities rather than making amendments in already existing ones. Choose the strategy which will define you in the best way possible. Express your character in the best way and find your colors. Do not get satisfied with 10% only.

It is easy to get tricked, while it is not easy to transfer the trick to the treat. Though, as simple as it is the moment you understand you are dealing with the trick it becomes a treat to you. Without knowing specific – “what”s and “why”s we still manage to operate, though we do not often understand the reasoning behind it. So a trick or treat?

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