Chopard Watches

The Best Chopard Watches For Both The Gents and Ladies

Luxury watches can fetch ridiculous prices, and while it is true that you are getting your money’s worth in the end, having the smarts to research for the right purchase before making a snap decision can save you a lot of buyer’s remorse. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best Chopard watches for any gender:

Chopard LUC

The LUC collection is arguably the most versatile among the entire line of Chopard watch collections. It has both a dedicated line for men and women, separated with watch complications for the ladies’ gents and features. The men’s basic automatic line should do the trick for an excellent high-end everyday driver, but if you want something more sporty, the chronometer version should be the one you’re looking at.

For the ladies, Chopard LUC options are rather limited, although every single watch in the collection represents something different. The one in automatic movement with a white gold case and diamonds all over is an obvious choice for a timepiece you want to show off, but if you want a more toned-down aesthetic, the automatic 35mm models should do. They’ll be more casual on the wrist, and with a smaller dial, you won’t run the risk of ostentatiousness.

Chopard Happy Sport Oval

Another classic jewelry watch that’s more of a museum piece than a wristwatch is the Happy Sport Oval. The Happy Sport Oval is more sophisticated than how its name looks and sounds. This is the watch collection from the brand that uses gems and other stones to some extent, with some watches in the line sporting a dial set in sparkling white diamonds. Of course, the case and crown material aren’t too shabby either – 18k rose and yellow gold, depending on your preference.

But what’s remarkable about this collection is that Chopard went out of its way to outfit the watches with top of the line horological pieces, starting with the mechanical hand-winding movement, then the sapphire crystal for the front and back, and top it all off with 30-meter water resistance. What more can you ask for?

The 1976 Happy Diamonds

Chopard is arguably the company that others look up to when it comes to Swiss jewelry watchmaking. The company knows how to make high-end horological timepieces, and they have the heritage and history to back it up. The Happy Diamonds collection is another indisputably excellent collection from the brand, leaning towards a more showy aesthetic when compared to its brothers and sisters.

The 1976 Happy Diamonds watch, in particular, is a stunner of a watch. This is the first time for Chopard to use the concept of “unmounted diamonds” to mimic the look of refracting water droplets from nature. The result is an iconic watch that knows its place among the pantheon of great timekeepers. Although it has seen some revisions and reiterations after, the first is a one of a kind collectible if you can get it.

Chopard Red Carpet Jewellery Collection

The Red Carpet Jewellery collection from Chopard is a series of watches that are meant to be worn by celebrities on the red carpet. The latest collection has at least two stunning jewelry watches that showcases the company’s drive for elegance and sophistication. The waterlily watch is devastatingly gorgeous, while the charming ladies watch a timepiece that is meant to be looked at.


Always remember that watches, especially luxury ones, are only truly appreciated by those who at least have a small inkling of how truly marvelous these timepieces are. So if you want to show off, you can only do so with the right crowd. If you don’t have the inner circle that will appreciate the timepiece, then buying luxury watches should be a sort of personal satisfaction and not for keeping up appearances.