Playing Online Casino could be the best way to Make Money Online in 2020

We could all use a bit of extra money right? But earning money from the comfort of your own home sounds like a dream. Well, in the year 2020 that’s not the case. Playing online casinos could be a legitimate way to make money online. In this article we are going to tell you how to get started.

Choosing the right online casino is more than just going to a recommended website and signing up. Just like choosing a physical casino you want to visit, online casinos offer different perks, memberships, games, and even experiences. It is important that you find one that fits your preferences while giving you an amazing casino experience.

Besides, it’s not just your overall experience you want to look for. Since the online casino industry is such a profitable industry, it’s natural that there are sites that can easily fool online gamblers. To help you protect your privacy and experience, but also to maximize your potential profits, here is a how-to guide on picking the right online casino.

Steps and Tips for Finding the Right Online Casino:

  1. Know What You Want

It’s easy to look for reputable online casinos but if you don’t specify what you are looking for, then you will end up with a lot of choices. You might get so overwhelmed that you just pick the first one on the list.

Of course, this shouldn’t happen as online casinos are more than just movies that you can randomly pick from. To help you search for other casinos, make sure that you know what you are looking for. Ask questions like, “What games do I want to play? Is it blackjack or poker?”, or “Do I want games with high payout with just a small investment?”, and also “Do I want to play live?”

When you know the answers to these questions, then you can do a targeted research on casinos that fit your preferences.

  1. Research

Once you know what you want, research becomes a lot easier. Usually, you’ll visit sites with a list of recommended online casinos like here at Lucky Dice. It helps if you look at one or more lists to know which online casinos are consistently at the top. If you’ve seen them pop up twice or thrice, they’re usually a good pick.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop there. Continue your research by checking why they’ve made it on the list of the best online casinos. Know that some casinos use paid advertisements in order to end up on those lists. Taking these lists with a grain of salt will help you sniff out which ones should not be on that list.

  1. Know the Casino’s Policies

When you have a shortlist of the casinos you are eyeing, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Digging a little deeper means reading their cashout policies, their payment ratios, and payment methods.

If you look at forums, you will notice that most of the complaints fall under cashout policies. This is because some players are unaware of how long it takes to cash out their winnings. The rule of thumb is that the shorter the period to cash out, the better. If it is more than 48 hours or 2 days, then you must look for another casino. As much as possible, you should be able to cash out very quickly regardless of how much you’ve won.

Payment ratios refer to the ratio of money people win back. If this ratio is close to a hundred per cent, then there is a high chance for people to receive their bets back as winnings. It’s better to know the payment ratio, so choose an online casino that advertises this.

As for payment methods, the best online casinos offer a wide range of payment options. Just like other online establishments, it is always better that you can choose from several options so you can pick one that is best for you. Most of the best casinos mention their payment methods on their page, but if you don’t see it, contact their customer service.

  1. Know Where it is Licensed

Where it is licensed highly affects the regulation and the legality of the online casino. Places like the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man strictly regulate online casinos which is why it is a lot safer to choose one that has a license from them. While this is not to say that licenses from other countries are unsafe, some countries do not entirely focus on regulating online casinos. Choose an online casino whose license belongs to a place that has legalized online gambling.

  1. Check out their Customer Service

Customer service is a very important arm of online gaming. A lot of players will have questions while some are curious to know more about the casino’s policies. Hence, customer service plays an important role in information dissemination and customer care.

Visit the online casino’s customer service page and find out if they can be reached through the website, email, live chat, or telephone/cellphone. It is always better if they have live chat on their website so that you can easily be accommodated whenever you have questions mid-game. If the casino does not offer fast responses (you will usually find this feedback in forums), then don’t sign up there. This will just guarantee a one-way ticket to bad customer service.

  1. Ask About Other People’s Feedback

And finally, it’s time to ask people about their feedback. Some casino lists offer snippets of customer feedback but this does not show the whole picture. To get valuable insights, visit forums of specific online casinos and keep tabs on the most common inquiries and problems.

If the problems often revolve around payment and customer service, avoid signing up in those online casinos. You don’t want to be another person victimized by lacking limited payout methods or the like. It’s better to sign up in a casino that has few complaints when it comes to money.

Moreover, observe as well if the customer service of the casino is active in forums. This will help you get a glimpse of how focused the casino is on giving online players a great gambling experience. Ideally, questions and inquiries about the casino are answered in a short period of time.

Overall, choosing a casino greatly relies on the research you do and your preferences. A casino can give excellent service but if they don’t provide the games where you think you can make money, then it will be irrelevant to you. Go for something that has the right policies, games, and customer service. Online casino could just be your key to making money online in 2020.