Most Trending Customized Covers Designs for OnePlus 7T Series

Most Trending Customized Covers Designs for OnePlus 7T Series

Customization has become a trend nowadays. From personalized t-shirts to coffee mugs, people choose customization to make their things more personalized. However, this amazing option isn’t limited to these; now you can also get your mobile back covers customized without going anywhere else.

Several online stores offer customized covers for each mobile phone brand. This option allows you to choose the material, design, pattern, and colors for the mobile case.

When it comes to customization, most users get confused about picking the material and pattern. Each material or cover type serves different purposes. If you have recently purchased a brand new OnePlus 7T and looking for a solid case for it, this blog will help you make the right decision. Let’s find out how to choose the best OnePlus 7T covers in India:

Different Types of Customized Covers Designs

Here, we are talking about some of the best cover designs or patterns preferred by most Indian users today.

  • Designed Glass Cases

Made from glass material, the designed glass cases have already become a trend among youngsters. A wide range of contemporary designer cases available online, designed by well-skilled artists from all around the world. You can keep a collection of these cases in distinct colour options so you can match them with the colour of your outfits.

Some of the most popular designs are mosaic impressions, doodle art, checks, stripes, quotes, and other infinite themes. If you want more vibrant options, it is recommended to choose holographic cases that shine with a rainbow reflection.

  • Rubber Covers

As the name suggests, they are made of rubber or similar material. Rubber covers have a non-slippery grip which offers reliable protection from drops and bumps. Apart from being scratch-proof, a rubber cover can absorb the shock and prevent your phone from all kinds of damages. However, its grip can lose with time, which makes it less durable.

  • Flip Covers

You will find a wide range of leather covers in the online market, designed to provide the best protection to your phone. Made from leather or faux leather, Flip covers are highly preferred by most online buyers.

These types of covers protect the device from all the angles while also safeguarding the screen. However, you won’t be able to showcase your phone with flip covers. You can also find wallet type flip covers in the online market.

  • Pouch Mobile Covers

You must have seen several fabric mobile phone pouches. Cotton, Jute, Silk, and all kinds of fabric are used to make such pouches. Some pouch cases also have a long sling that can be worn around the neck or kept on the shoulder for easy access. Most Indian women prefer this type of case due to the convenience they offer. A pouch case is not an ideal option for anxious users; they have to take the smartphone out and put it in after each use.

All these 4 designer cases are highly recommended by the experts!  They will serve as a high resistance guard for your beloved OnePlus 7T. Besides, don’t forget to buy a reliable screen guard to protect your phone’s screen against damages from accidental drops.

Investing a small amount in a protective layer can save you from great damage expenses in the future. Make sure to buy OnePlus 7T covers from a reputed online store. Don’t forget to read the refund policy before making the payment. You should also read customers’ testimonials before making the final decision.