Tips to Choose Online Exam Software

Important Tips to Choose Online Exam Software

Exams have been extremely difficult in the time when people are not being able to be practically present for the exams. Both the candidates and the faculty members have to suffer a lot in these kinds of situations. The educational system has been hampered; the academic content is not being able to be completed in time. Hence with the advancement in the technology a new era started of online tests, which can be conducted from anywhere in the world. There are numerous online test software present in the market, by the means of which one can successfully attempt for online tests.

Online tests have paved a new path in the educational system; it has been remarkably helpful for the students who are not being able to attend their exams due to some reason. The use of online tests has eased the burden of both the teachers and the students. For conducting a smooth online examination one should have the facility of good software. As there are countless numbers of software in the market, one should have the vision to choose the perfect one for them. Lack of knowledge regarding the software can sometimes be a negative point with the software selection. So, it becomes very essential to research about the features that should be present in particular software.

Software is not just needed for the examination process, there are several other features which are of utmost importance, and the teacher can have the facility to overlook the performance of the student in different levels of the test conducted. For a smooth examination to take place one should have a stable internet connection with the facility of one of the best software.

Features to seek in online exam software:- 

The best featured software can reduce our extra burden, it can be helpful in numerous ways, so here some important featured are mentioned to consider while choosing a online software:-

  1. Control and supervise a bulk of candidates: – A vast number of people take part in the examination, so the software should have the power to supervise the majority of the students at one go. As numerous types of exams are held, the main facility of the software is to supervise and control the bulk candidate without any hindrance. The software also must have the ability to connect to the students far away from the area. The students from different parts of the world sit in the examination, so if the links are not sent properly then the software won’t be able to work smoothly for a long period of time. All the related queries and information are available on the same software there is no need for other students to download another software.
  2. Full maintained library of questions: – As the candidate preparing for the exam has indefinite questions. So the software must have the feature of manually attaching the questions in the software, it should have the relevant answers too. One of the prominent features of the finest software is even the faculty member can add their questions in the software.
  3. Varieties in questions: – During exams numerous types of questions are set, so the software should have the ability to show the exact questions. As there are several questions which are related to coding and format based if the software fails to display the exact question then it can be a negative point for the pupil seated for the examination. So the software must have the ability to carry out the exam process properly for having a positive result.
  4. Allows inserting difficult questions: – quality software will provide the faculty members to divide the question in different parts, like easy and difficult. According to the attempt to these questions the grades are upgraded.
  5. Easy to operate and handy: – The software used by the people during their exams must be easy to operate. As the exams are held in a bulk there are several other candidates taking part in it. Hence the features of the software should be handy for the students, if the features are complicated the candidates can face a tough time throughout the examination.
  6. Handling the information: – The software should have the power to handle the credentials of each and every student taking part in the exam. It should be easy enough for the candidates to give their exams just by login through their id or through any other link provided. As soon as the exam gets over the software should close the sheet by itself, if the candidate has made any changes regarding their personal information, software should update without fail.
  7. Work on any device: – Most of the students don’t have the facility of computers in their house, so software which can work on smart mobile phones too can be a problem solver for many candidates.
  8.  Proctoring feature: – The software used for the examination should have the feature of auto proctoring. By the means of this facility involved in the software the cheating is next to impossible task or in other words we can say it’s an anti cheating feature.
  9. Special features: – There are extra features provided in some of the software like fixing appointments with the faculty, creating exam content etc. Some of the software has features like understanding and translating different languages. As every time there is no need for auto proctoring so the software must have the feature of human proctoring.

The selection of high quality best online exam software is extremely essential for both the candidates and the faculty members. But one should have the full idea as to which is the best software for the smooth examination and the performance of the candidates also depends on the easy going friendly software. As the quantity of the students attempting for the exams vary from time to time and exam to exam, the software must have the ability to handle different quantities of candidates whenever the exams are held. Software with all the essential features required while giving an exam is a must buy software.

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