How To Use Videos to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

How To Use Videos to Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Knowing how to boost your Facebook engagement with videos is easily one of the most powerfully advantageous kinds of knowledge to have in today’s online business frontier. More digital media consumers than ever have video content as the number one kind of content that they engage with in general. Because of how much more potential power there is in optimizing your video content than any other medium, you’d be well-advised to keep the following things in mind when thinking of ways to boost Facebook engagement.

Encourage Active Engagement Directly

If you want more viewers to feel incentivized to engage with your content, then one of the most effective ways to make this happen to is to simply ask directly. Contrary to what some less experienced content creators and marketing analysts may think, viewers, don’t need to be completely soft-sold on deciding to engage with content that they enjoy. In some circumstances, those who enjoyed the content the most might actually require a slight call-to-action in order to act upon their level of interest.

Just because viewers enjoyed the video doesn’t guarantee that they’ll engage with it immediately after watching. If you’ve created content that is valuable enough for your target viewers to feel rewarded by digesting it, you don’t want to miss out on a perfectly good chance to earn their engagement.

It’s entirely possible to ask for the kind of engagement that you’d like without immediately turning your viewers off. A simple reminder for viewers such as “remember to like and comment” is all that it takes to create an uptick in engagement from those who may have otherwise enjoyed the content but didn’t feel immediately compelled to engage with it right away.

Create Content That Encourages Engagement By Default

The likelihood that viewers will engage with the content that you create can be increased considerably simply by making a point to prioritize content that encourages engagement by nature. While it’s important to make sure that you create content with significant value to deliver to your target audience, it’s equally important to make sure that you leave room for the viewers to add their own insight.

One of the simplest ways to turn any kind of video content into the kind that encourages engagement is to phrase the very title itself as a question posed to those who ready it. By asking a question in the title, you not only encourage answers out of the viewers with the most interest in the topic but also provide a small call-to-action that encourages more clicks in general.

Use Video Captions

One of the most easily overlooked types of viewers is those who watch videos in places where they cannot hear the sound. For users who may watch your video in public places that discourage open audio and don’t have headphones on hand, having a caption in your videos can allow them to get value out of the video despite not being able to hear it. Using video captioning to both deliver the bulk of the video’s message and communicate your main calls to action can allow you to drive the same level of engagement from soundless video watchers as those who can hear it in full.

Final Word

When the massive planets of social media and video content combine, there’s practically no limit to the potential engagement boosts that you can enjoy from playing all of your cards right. Actively ask the viewers to engage, optimize your video titles and use captions liberally. Being sure to keep all of the above tips in mind on a regular basis and you can always command the highest possible level of engagement possible.