How to Recover Deleted PDF Files?

How to Recover Deleted PDF Files?

It’s easy to store data in storage devices but it’s difficult to protect and maintain the data every time. The data in the USB drives, hard drives, flash drives, and SD card is lost due to a faulty or defective system. The files in the drives may be virus-infected or corrupted or sometimes they are deleted accidentally by the users. The deleted and lost pdf files can be recovered. There are several options for backup and data recovery.

Let’s discover how can we recover deleted pdf files from the computer. These methods can recover data only when the drive or the file is not corrupted or damaged internally.

1. Recover through Recycle Bin 

The easiest way to recover your deleted file is by restoring the deleted files and data from the recycle. Click on the Recycle button and look for the files that are deleted. Then click the Restore button from the context menu to recover selected files. You can also drag the files directly out of the Recycle Bin.

2. Restoring files from back-up 

If you can’t find a  specific file on your computer you are looking for, it might be deleted previously from your computer. You can restore the lost file from a backup (if you’re using Windows backup)

To restore deleted pdf  files from a backup

  1. Open Backup by clicking on the start button.
  2. Then Click on the backup recovery option and click start to recover deleted files.
  3. Select Restore my files, then follow the steps guided on the screen and save the files in the new location.

3. Recover by previous versions 

Mostly the deleted files can be recovered from the previous version. This previous version has already stored copies of the files in the computer folder. To recover data from the previous version, Just follow the below steps to recover the deleted files.

Step 1. Go to the file location where data was previously stored.

     Step 2. Right-click the folder, then select the option properties and go to the previous version and then Restore files.

Recover by previous versions

After restoring the files, save the files in the new location to avoid data loss because sometimes the file location may be corrupted, hence unable to respond and save new data.

4. Recover permanently deleted files with iBoysoft Data Recovery

If you are not able to recover the deleted pdf files, then use this recovery option. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to retrieve the deleted files. Here we recommend you iBoysoft Data Recovery. The data recovery software automatically scans the files where they were stored previously and recovers the data. It can recover almost all kinds of files and can recover files from the corrupted or damaged hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, memory cards, and USB flash dirves, etc. The software has a high success rate to restore the data. It is easy to use and user-friendly. With the help of this software, you can preview the files before recovering them. The free version of this software allows the user to recover data to check the software capability and working strength.

  • Except PDF recovery, it also has many other powerful features:
  • Support for all types of file recovery including recovery of Word and Excel etc.
  • Support basic and dynamic disks, RAID disks.
  • Support for FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 / EXT3 file systems.
  • Support for all Windows operating systems (from Windows XP to Windows 10)

It offers quick and easy data recovery solutions (in just three steps):

1- Download and install

Download and install the iBoysoft Data Recovery on your computer.

2- Choose a location of lost PDF file
Left click on drive X: (also, specific folder is supported), where you deleted PDF files permanently. Click on “Next”. The software automatically starts to scan the entire selected drive. Soon a quick scan result will appear. If you did not find the PDF files you want to recover, switch to deep scan.

How to recover deleted pdf files?

3- Preview and recover
Once the deep scan is complete. Preview the recovered files and select the PDF files and click “Recover”. Finally, you can save them in a safe place.

How to recover deleted pdf files?

Final Thoughts:

These methods are the most commonly used method to recover deleted pdf files from the computer. However, it is always better to activate the backup option in the computer to recover data in case of any systemic or mechanical error. The best way to protect data is to have multiple backup options. So that in the case one method is not working, you can jump over to other options of data recovery.