Google Home: All You Need to Know

Google Home: All You Need to Know

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, but you can’t pin it down? With Google Home, you don’t have to keep guessing. Google Home, through its variety of smart devices, allows for voice commands that give precise answers to pretty much any question. It also allows you to do everyday tasks like setting your alarm, making a shopping list or even checking on traffic updates with more ease.

All these fantastic features let you have more control over your smart home. With Google Home, you might get the feeling that you’re living out an episode of The Jetsons (well, minus the flying cars).

Connect to Your Home’s Devices

Through Google’s voice-powered assistant Google Assistant, it’s now possible to control a wide variety of devices in your Google-powered smart home. These devices include smart switches, sprinklers, security systems, smart locks, and appliances such as vacuums or fans.

Speaking of appliances, every home almost certainly has ceiling fans and a vacuum. They’ve essentially become staple appliances in modern homes. Now, with the advent of Google Home, controlling these devices is as easy as giving a voice command.

2019’s Best Ceiling Fans

The indoor Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091 ceiling fan, one of 2019’s best ceiling fans, comes with a pull-chain control and bowl light reinforced with Toffee glass. This fan has a reversible motor that allows you to alter the direction of the fan from a downdraft mode during summer months to an updraft mode during the colder months.

The fan’s motor can deliver a powerful movement of air with a taciturn performance, giving the desired cooling effect without the inconvenience of noise. The pull chain allows for fast and easy on and off capability as well as speed adjustments.

The Hunter Indoor Low Profile 59244 ceiling fan comes with remote control functionality as well as an LED Light. Its clean and beautiful finish combines well with the fan’s contrasted angles to create a fantastic design that suits your space. The LED light bulb is fully dimmable, giving you total control over the extent of lighting. The fan has a 44-inch blade span coupled with a low-profile housing design, making it perfect for low ceilings or small rooms.

The Hunter Builder Plus indoor 53237 ceiling fan that comes with pull chain control and a brushed nickel finish. The fan comes with five Brazilian mahogany blades and swirled marble glass that gives it a delightful finish. Another excellent feature is the 60-watt candelabra bulbs that are centrally located. The blades are specially coated using a patented type of nanotechnology developed by Hunter’s Dust Armor that keeps off dust.

Let’s Talk Vacuums

They do a lot of dirty work and life wouldn’t be the same without them. With smart vacuums, you can get the cleaning done from the comfort of your couch. So, say goodbye to pet hair and dust with a simple voice command.

Contenders for the Best Shark Vacuum In 2019

The Shark Rotator Professional NV501 comes with an upright, lift away hand vacuum. The lift away vacuum has a detachable canister that provides portable cleaning capability. Simply press a button, and the canister lifts away, making it easy to reach hard to access areas. The nozzle of the vacuum also comes with LED lights that improve visibility. Intelligent Advanced Swivel Steering allows for better control and maneuverability. The vacuum’s dust cup is extra-large and is entirely sealed with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) that traps dust and potential allergens.

The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85 is designed as a robot vacuum with high performance that delivers a powerful suction force for effective cleaning. The vacuum’s large dust cup capacity means less frequent emptying and minimal interruption during cleaning. The vacuum’s self-cleaning brush has two edges and combines with corner brushes to capture any dust, hair, and allergens to prevent their buildup.

The Shark APEX comes equipped with what’s known as Shark Duo-Clean technology that enables it to grab hold of large particles and engage with hard floors, giving an excellent polished look. This great Shark vacuum also has a powered Lift-Away that gives you the ability to clean underneath furniture and above-floor regions at the simple push of a button. The LED lights present on the handle and the floor nozzle offer visibility in hard to see places. This vacuum also has an anti-allergen seal that keeps allergens and dust trapped within the vacuum. Now a days robot vacuum cleaners are very famous.

More on Google Home

In the year 2018, Google announced that it had sold at least 6.8 million Home devices during 2017’s holiday period. These astounding figures point to the popularity of Google Home. And if you’re looking to kick start your Google-centric smart home, consider the Google Nest Hub, formerly known as the Home Hub.

Google Nest Hub makes use of Google Assistant to respond to the same voice commands as Google’s Home smart speaker. The touchscreen displays extra information about your searches and also makes scrolling through family photos, and videos a lot easier.

Another plus that Nest Hub has is its unique adaptive brightness sensors that make Nest Hub a great digital photo frame. Nest Hub owes this element to its adaptability to both color temperature and varying light levels. Nest Hub makes for a great kitchen aid, as it can guide you through a recipe step-by-step, allowing you to multitask as you cook.

It’s also possible to plug in Nest Hub and configure it on your Wi-Fi network via the Google Home app. This feature means that you get to ask Google Nest Hub any question you’d ask the Google Home app.

A large number of voice control features make Google Nest Hub useful in several ways and the easy to use control panel makes it the best choice as your primary connected home device. There’s an option to swipe down from the top to access shortcuts that let access several smart home features, including security cameras. Also, tap the tab to see the status of all devices in your home.

Google Home is undisputedly the ultimate smart home partner. So, embrace it. There’s plenty of benefits to enjoy.