GoDaddy Gives Small Biz Enhanced eCommerce Solutions with WooCommerce

GoDaddy Gives Small Biz Enhanced eCommerce Solutions with WooCommerce

It’s not easy to start selling online or doing eCommerce. Sure it’s EASIER than it was 20 years ago, but unless you’re a bit of a techie and willing to fiddle with things it can be tough. However, I find the the more you use tools that are integrated with the platform you’re using the easier it is.

Happy to see that GoDaddy recently announced it is integrating WooCommerce into its platform. WooCommerce is one of the leading platforms for selling online, in particular through a WordPress website,

More and more people are launching their own online stores and selling online.

My friend Li Hayes just recently launched a Cool Me Scarf so that mature women could cool themselves down, on demand, when they get hot flashes or overall, feel hot or warm. She had to do quite a bit of research to go from concept to launch.

There are MANY eCommerce options to choose from, the challenge for many is they all don’t do everything and have different levels of easy of use, or lack thereof.

Some are very easy to use, but don’t have extensive features. Some have extensive features but aren’t that easy to use.

You’ll rarely find one solution that does EVERYTHING you need. Often times you’ll one one core platform with 2 or 3 added integrations.

One of the benefits of a big brand like GoDaddy is that they have the “heft” to bring complementary tools and services to their platform to make it easier for their customers to sell online.