How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on

Account security is always determined to be very important no matter the circumstance, but when one is a streamer on Twitch, their Twitch account’s safety is even more necessary. If someone were able to get access to your account, they would be able to change various details of your stream, even engaging in actions as if they were you, impersonate you, even if they did it via your account. To provide the option to change passwords or history, the system wants to make them easier to access.

And on Twitch, as on all internet platforms, it’s crucial to use strong passwords to secure your account. To read our article on how to create an encrypted password, please go to this page. Suppose you are interested in changing your Twitch password, go into your account settings. Go to your profile in the top right corner, which is located in the Settings corridor. Click on the “Settings” button.


Once in the settings, switch to the “Security and Privacy” tab, then on the “Alter Settings #2” button at the top of the “Security” section. You can be asked to enter your old password to verify that you’re the account’s real owner.


Once you’ve made it through the first set of questions, you’ll need to enter your password once more, along with the new password you want to use, twice, to minimize the risk you made a typo. Once you’re finished with that, click Change Password to save the changes.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication Often an extra step in the security authentication occurs, generally when logging on to a mobile device. To further prevent an unauthorized person from logging on, the device must be authenticated. To increase security, when a 2FA activated device attempts log in to your account, it will send you a login confirmation request that you’ll need to approve before you can successfully log in to your account. Using two-step verification is a massive boost to account security, as someone would have to know your password and have physical access to your device on which you use your app.

To provide 2FA (2-factor Authentification) for your twitch account, please click on the “Set Up Two-Factor Authentication” button to access the settings.


Go to the Security and Privacy settings in the app dashboard and click on “Vine Live Settings”.

In the pop-up window, click “Enable 2FA Out Of Range” to start the process. First, you’ll need to provide your phone number via mobile. You will be given a seven-digit security code to enter to verify you own the device you are sending the message to.


Enter the seven-digit security code sent to your mobile phone, then enter the number corresponding to that code.

After downloading a supported authenticator app, you can choose the option to sign in using your mobile phone. And if you decide you want to use the authenticator, you can scan the QR code to connect your authenticator account to your account.

From the article: “For users who choose 2FA via the Authenticator app at Level 1, authenticating directly to the app with a code is the most secure option. For users who choose to use SMS, however, even this security method may not be sufficient, since many third-party apps are known to be vulnerable to SMS interception and spoofing attacks.”


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Below the NFC interface, you can choose to connect and use an authenticator app that works with push notifications instead of numbered codes that need to be entered.