CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online Free

Is the no longer working for you, CouchTuner? Don’t worry, and you’re in the right place.

We will share the popular CouchTuner Alternatives with you in this report. Are movies and TV shows the primary source of entertainment for you?

Being an ardent fan of movies and TV shows, stuff that holds us hooked until the end is tough to find. Subscriptions for paying streaming customers impose a deep cut on your wallet when talking about the economic status.

In that case, a streaming client is required to allow Free Streaming and provide diversified content. Luckily, for a long time, CouchTuner was a boon for binge-watchers.

However, without any prior warning, CouchTuner often eliminates the titles, and the titles are not very diverse. Therefore, we will look at some common alternatives from CouchTuner that include varied and free movies and TV shows.

The best part is that, without signing up, you can watch new releases Movies online for free. And how cool is it?

Top Best CouchTuner Alternatives

Also, accessing them is entirely legal since they dare only connect to third-party streams on tv. 



Soap2day is one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner, the most popular movie streaming website. It lists TV shows and all genres of Movie. Its interface is very well-designed, making finding the new and trending content very simple.

It’s possible to save content and make requests. Soap 2 Day does not store its server files. On Soap2day, all of the content is produced by third parties. Content not listed on the platform may be requested. And you can conveniently obtain your favorite items.



A multiplatform streaming client for you is next up on the list. PopcornFlix is far more sophisticated than any other alternative coffee tuner. This excellent streaming client is open not only as a web application, but you can also download its application.

It is For both Android and IOS devices, the app is open. So, download it and start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on your mobile devices as well. Hence, at any moment in time, you can keep yourself amused anywhere.

The titles are sorted on a genre basis by PopcornFlix. Therefore, you can only choose your favorite genre to watch movies and show you all the movies falling under that category. If you want to watch comedy movies, for example, pick the comedy genre.

Watch Series


This website is a perfect choice for coffee tuners if you are fond of watching the drama, anime, and television shows. An infinite number of series and episodes from some of the most famous television series and anime shows are featured on TheWatchSeries.

In addition, the website provides you with a high definition stream of all the TV shows and anime described on this alternative couch tuner. Therefore, you may watch your favorite shows, not even to skip a single aspect in an unprecedented standard.

The website also gives you free movies at no discount. You can also register on the website for an account or simply log in to become a group member with your Facebook account. With the aid of a search bar available on the website, you can search for your favorite series or Movie.

Finally, the web is an incomparable source of entertainment for you. You can also subscribe to your favorite streams on top of that and never miss an episode in the future. So, make sure you give this website a shot. 

Tubi TV 


For the sole purpose of watching free movies, Tubi TV is a wonderfully crafted website. There is an excellent user interface on this website that offers a friendly experience. You can quickly navigate through the website to find your preferred content because of this.

There is free streaming of all the material available on this website. However, to use it, you only need to register for an account on this website. You will enjoy the excellent content on this website without seeing any ads on the platform by registering with Aft6er.

In various genres, the website offers endless content. You can watch any movie you like, for example, from genres like comedy, action, horror, etc. Based on the release date as well as popularity, you can also classify the content.

To conclude, this one is a fantastic couch tuner option, and you have to give it a shot to get free entertainment for hours.

Couch Tuner Hub


This is another choice for CouchTuner, as the name suggests that you can browse through your favorite movies and TV shows. In case you are missing your beloved partner to watch movies, this one is highly dependent on the original version.

With that said, this website’s features are very similar to CouchTuner’s. Therefore, if you are a long-standing former user, you would not feel strange when using it. This website has a beautiful selection of TV shows and movies for you as well.

Moreover, from the available list of titles, you can check for your desired Movie. You can also categorize the Movie based on its genre or go with the general movie categories. Therefore, if you are looking for a better alternative to coffee tuners, this is the most prominent offer.

Café Movie


Cafémovie offers you countless hours of entertainment through its incomparable services, from classic classics to new blockbusters. It is one of CouchTuner’s most standard alternatives and is used by many individuals searching for their favorite movies.

There are a highly competitive Movie and content library on this website with various titles worldwide. Besides, all the tags are grouped to never make it difficult for a consumer to locate their favorite title among the slew.

This website has a vast amount of retro content for you if you are a classic hit fan. So, you can see that all your old gold content is in one spot.

The best thing is that material can also be found based on both languages and genres. Therefore, you can do so with ease if you want to watch content in your native language.

Prime Wire 


Prime Wire is a fantastic streaming client for your entertainment needs, certainly not the least on our list of alternatives. In its database, this streaming client has various Movies, and you can feel free to watch any Movie released on the website free of charge.

The best part is that, to watch your favorite Movie, you do not need to register for an account. You can visit the website, choose the title you want, and start watching it from the website itself.

The website contains a wide selection of titles from all over the world, talking about its collection. In various languages and genres, you can also find names. Also, you can look for or categorize your favorite Movie based on genre.



Personalization, via the Xfinity website, is at its best. For binge-watchers, this website is just like paradise. You can choose from more than 20 movie genres on this website. It has various categories of movies from family to action.

To download your favorite Movie from this site to your phone, the best thing is that you don’t even need to register for an account on this website.

On top of that, this alternative website has a minimal amount of advertisements in its user interface. Therefore, when you watch movies on this website for free, you don’t have to think about irritating pop-ups and advertisement content.

Finally, it also has a separate section for music-related news to gain insights into the latest happenings in the movie world. The department is updated regularly to keep you up to date with all the latest news.



Crave is one of the most popular alternates for CouchTuner. This website for streaming clients is primarily created to stream TV shows in a greater variety of languages and genres worldwide. You can watch now all of your favorite TV shows easily through it.

This website features almost all of the popular shows for you to enjoy, from playing thrones to friends. In addition, all the episodes are immediately uploaded without any delay. Thus, as soon as they release a new episode, you can catch up with your favorite TV shows.

In addition, this website’s streaming quality is exceptionally unique. For the full experience, the website offers high definition streaming. Therefore, if you want to enjoy an excellent TV series, make sure you try this alternative for sure. 

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Conclusion :

With the assistance of these alternatives to CouchTuner, entertainment is still right at your fingertips. These websites are all active and usable for use. Also, each website on the list is an after-effect of comprehensive research. You’ll never find it hard to catch up with your favorite movie or TV show with more than millions of titles on both of these websites.