Best Watch2Gether Alternatives and Similar Websites

When you cannot play the videos on the Watch2Gether website or are in need of a new platform, Watch2Gether Alternatives come to your rescue. Suppose you are wondering what to use as an Alternative to Watch2Gether, then this post will help you decide based on your use of the device. There are options available for watching videos as applications and websites along with your friends to be used on any platform.

What Is Watch2Gether?

Watch2gether has been a wonderful medium to let you watch videos with someone at a distance in real-time. It is a way of watching movies , TV shows, and viral YouTube videos with others who share similar interests. In addition, when viewing the video together, individuals may communicate with one another.

The website helps you to download videos on a forum where you and your friends can watch videos together. This is a way to be in your own place and enjoy watching movies together with others or your favorite shows. There’s no need to wait for everybody to meet in one location just to watch your favorite TV series finale now.


Top Best Watch2Gether Alternatives

If you are having trouble streaming with Watch 2 Gether, you can try to watch videos together with either of these services. One of the Watch2Gether choices will come to your rescue at such times. We have recruited the most trusted names who will certainly work for you simultaneously to stream videos for multiple users. Here is a list of Watch 2 Gether’s top alternatives: 

MetaStream: Discord server Watch2Gether Alternative


MetaStream is a browser-based platform that lets you and other users watch videos together. To play in sync with other users, you can create a room and add videos to it. Enable space settings to be restricted by the number of users, or render them public or private. Share your room’s connection by copying-pasting it to other platforms. You will be needed to install an extension for media playback on Chrome and Firefox. You can enter a session with Discord apps on the server using other methods. Create playlists and sit down in real-time to enjoy the videos running one after another along with your friends.

Sync Video: Best Site Alternative to Watch2Gether


This service will allow you to watch videos on YouTube and Vimeo together with your friends. It is a free program for all and can also be used by unregistered participants. Use the Invite button to invite others, and it will let you share a connection to your room.

This alternative to Watch2Gether will allow you to create a room with a username created randomly, which keeps you safe from revealing your identity. Suppose you do not want to share personal data or accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you can simply note the address of the connection and share it through messages with your friends. Use the chat room, which is located right under the media player, to communicate with your friends.

CyTube: Most Popular Watch2Gether Alternative


Another good alternative for viewing videos along with other users is CyTube. To play your own videos with your community of friends, you can log in and build an account. This serves as a nice alternative to watching videos together in real-time with Watch2Gether. Look for the name of the show or movie and enter the room if you only want to watch something on the channels.

The chatbox that is put next to the video player communicates with others. From a web browser on a device or smartphone, enjoy your shared interest with users on the same site. 

&chill: Best Watch2Gether Alternative


& chill is one of the online sites that you can use together with your friends to watch videos via a web browser. It is a unique alternative to Watch2Gether where you can watch the videos from a theater-style view. From the seating map, pick a seat and you get a similar view of your place in the theater.

In the chatbox, contact with others is possible. To enable others to know about what you are watching, share a link to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. In addition, ask others to join you with the connection and use the service in real-time to watch videos together.

SyncPlay: Best Watch2Gether Alternative software


A service that can be used as an alternative to Watch2Gether is Syncplay. This needs the program to be downloaded to your computer. It will work with Skype, so along with other people who want to join in to watch a video together, you must have an account on it as well.

You can share the videos played on the VLC media player and the MPV media player through the app. Every consumer needs to have a file saved locally on their computer. With a high-speed Internet connection, you can stream YouTube videos on SyncPlay.

Rave: Best Watch2Gether Alternative app


Rave is the best app that allows you, along with Google Drive and Dropbox, to stream videos from YouTube, Viki, Vimeo, Reddit. When talking to them on VoIP calls, you can use the app to watch Netflix shows with your friends in real-time. It is a helpful alternative to Watch2Gether, which can be used for more than watching videos.

Here, by becoming an internet DJ, you can stream music along with making your own mix, becoming a Rave DJ and living your dream. When you watch your videos, enjoy chatting with others right in the app. The best thing about it is that it enables you to stream videos from local storage when you upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox. Get app for Android And Get app for iOS

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So, these are the alternatives to Watch2Gether that will come in handy in case you face trouble with the former website. Apps like Rave can be used on your smartphones very easily. Other options are also ideal for downloading and viewing videos together, such as & Chill and SyncTube.