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Unblock 1337x.to – Best Sites Like 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites

1337x is one of the best websites that provide its users with its jaw-dropping unique features. These features enable users to access websites across the globe and download movies, TV shows, music, software, games, digital books any many more. Unfortunately, due to some of the server errors and security related issues, most of the regions and Internet service providers have banned the website.

Users are not allowed to access the website directly in the concerned areas through respective Internet service providers. With the rapid pace in technology and technological advancements have made the developers possible to create its mirror/proxy websites. These websites also enable its users to access those functions which are likely to be offered by 1337x in its interface. Some of these proxy/mirror websites include:-

Best 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites: Unofficial

Using these proxy/mirror websites that are likely to have the majority of its features similar to that of 1337x may be one solution to access the blocked server. However, there also exist some of the methods through which the blocked 1337x website can be unlocked and used. Unblock 1337x.to

1337x.st OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.unblocker.cc OnlineVery Fast On
x1337x.ws OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.unblocked.app OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.unblocked.bet OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.torrentzmirror.org OnlineVery Fast On
1337x-to.prox1.inf OnlineVery Fast On
1337x-to.prox.space OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.unblockall.xyz OnlineVery Fast On
1337x.unblocker.win OnlineVery Fast On

Best Sites Like 1337x  and Alternative Torrent Website

The undermentioned website alternatives to 1337x are widely used by millions of individuals across the globe. The reason behind their popularity and reach is their refined user interface. It allows the users to access and experience the same or sometimes even more functions than those provided by the 1337x torrent website.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is considered to be one of the best alternative torrent websites available in the market for 1337x. It provides a very wide variety of digital content to its users. This digital content mainly includes videos, software, entertainment related stuff, games, apps, etc.

Like LimeTorrents, it also operates on the peer to peer BitTorrent file-sharing protocol, thereby enabling its users to search the required content in the search bar. It was initially launched in the year 2003, September. As per the recent data, around 100 million users visit this site per month, creating a very good tariff on the server.



Rarbg is yet another alternative for a 1337x torrent website present in the market, which works on the similar file transferring protocol of The Pirate Bay and LimeTorrents. It is regarded to be the third most widely accepted torrent website as an alternative for 1337x. It allows its users to create local accounts and uploading torrent files there. Initially, it was launched in the year 2008.

However, it is now blocked in most of the countries to avoid the problem of pirated content. According to the statistics data revealed by SimilarWeb, Rarbg has a tariff on its server of more than 90 million users per month.




First of all, LimeTorrents is considered to be an alternative to 1337x torrent website. It operates on the protocol of BitTorrent. LimeTorrent is used for peer to peer file transfer. It consists of numerous proxy sites even.

After being the fact of one of the most recently developed alternatives to 1337x, however, the user may not be able to find out its real domain because there exist different sources to access it.



People consider ExtraTorrent as the world’s number one torrent website platform. Also, it has its independent servers across the globe. It provides numerous functions and access similar to 1337x torrent website to its users, operating it across the globe. The majority of the users widely prefer ExtraTorrent.

Users are residing and operating it across the globe for its ability to keep their IP address secured. Its user interface does not let the system reveal its users’ IP address to internet service providers (ISP), thereby enabling them to surf Internet websites without any hindrances.

It helps them download original torrent files free of cost without paying a single penny for it. Its latest search engine system and advanced layout make ExtraTorrent to stand out of the crowd of its competitors and substitutes.

Torrent Downloads


Torrent downloads are considered to be the best alternative available for 1337x in the market. It has an amazing layout which ensures its users to have rich accessing experience. The high quality of databases in various ranges, including very fast loading speed makes Torrent Downloads stand out from the crowd from its competitors and substitutes.



EZTV is a group that worked on other popular torrent sites like TPB and 1337x are the best torrenting sites. The group came up with their torrent website after the takedown of KickAss. EZTV.ag isn’t as visually appealing as other popular torrent sites and has advertisement links attached to main options. This is the ability to update contents daily, probably the reason for its popularity.



YTS has also been counted among the topmost torrent website alternative to 1337x available in the market. It does have a user interface which is quite a bit different from the traditional overlay of 1337x and The Pirate Bay.

Users mostly prefer this for downloading high definition movies in a legit and smooth manner. YTS torrent website is an entrusted torrent website which is widely used by millions of individuals residing in varied regions and accessing its servers from across the globe.

Its user interface keeps the IP address of the users to be private. It hides real IP addresses and overlaps them with multiple other addresses, thereby leading the original one to remain undisclosed and granting access to surf torrent files via the internet.



KAT.cr is one of the leading sites like 1337x. It is continuously expanding its operations across the globe in the field of torrent file transferring. Furthermore, its users can access amazing downloading and uploading speed while accessing its Meta version. Also, it enables them to download the required content either through the means of becoming a client of torrent or via download manager.

The app is an independent platform that provides its users with numerous torrent files in all formats. It provides direction to torrent files available in its database for suiting the user needs, requirements and purposes in the best possible manner. KAT.cr is also witnessing the latest and regular updates in current versions making it more trustworthy and dynamic in its operations.



Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine for torrents. This means that you can use it to find multiple torrent options, and it is your choice to find the best one. It provides you with numerous torrent sites, and you can use any one of them as per your convenience.

Are these sites safe? YTS allowed you to download any movie universally safely, but unfortunately, the YTS website is no longer in existence. But don’t worry, the sites as mentioned earlier or clone websites to work in the same manner. But they can’t be considered as safe and as reliable as YTS was.

It would be best if you always take preventive measures before using them. This is always advised to use a VPN or any other encryption method to keep yourself. For this, you need to prepare an online account with ExpressVPN and download the app and sign in over your PC or laptop. Then you have to use the internet as using earlier only. This will lead your internet activity unnoticed.

You can use Tor that is free software that increases your online privacy to some extent and hides your IP address. It is free and open-source software. This takes a couple of minutes to set up, but your speed will be restricted as per the Tor network.



Last but not least, the users always prefer to use SumoTorrent as an alternative website for transferring and downloading torrent files. Whenever it comes to the matter of quality and not quantity, we can trust this app. SumoTorrent has a very smooth user interface. It is free from most of the bug issues and layout problems, just like the 1337x torrent website.

Also, it has a well-optimized server that ensures the privacy of the IP address of the user. Also, it keeps its IP address to remain private. Do not let it get revealed in the internet service providers (ISP). It always provides its users with genuine and legit torrent files. The concerned authorities also recognised it.

Furthermore, it has been rated as one of the most popular and topmost torrent website service providers. It delivers the best quality of stuff to the users visiting its platform regularly. Moreover, one of the unique features of SumoTorrent is that it operates as a downloader and makes its users enable them to download and retain all kinds of torrent data files.

How to Unblock 1337x 

As discussed earlier, the server of the 1337x website is banned in most of the regions through their Internet service providers (ISP). The users residing in those areas suffer from a lot of difficulty in downloading games, movies, TV series, music, etc. through this most effective source.

There exists a lot of ways and tools. One may try to access a blocked website through this, in any respective country. So here, some of the most effective and legal ways to unblock 1337x website are as follows:-

Solution 1: Using VPN {Recommended} 

VPN is an acronym used for Virtual Private Network. It is perceived to be 1 of the best ways to access the internet without showing IP addresses to the ISP, thereby leading them not to trace the servers. It can be used as a loophole to access torrent websites, including 1337x.

Several VPNs in the market are available free of cost and provide a limited bandwidth to its users in varied locations. The user must install software provided by his ISP, and then he needs to choose the server location from the US. It is due to the fact that mostly all of the blocked website loads only from US servers.

Solution 2: TOR Browser 

The TOR browser is another option available in the market for accessing the internet without revealing its IP address. It hides the user’s real IP address behind two, three or even some times four TOR IP addresses. Initially, it was created by the US Navy. However today it is widely used by individuals across the globe free of cost.

It is also among the topmost list of hackers. They use to hack websites legally without paying a single penny for it. It can be downloaded from the TOR browser’s approved website, and the users can use laterwards to access the internet anonymously.

Solution 3: Web Proxy

A web proxy works as an intermediary between two IP addresses leading to overlapping and thereby hiding the concerned IP address. It enables users to access the internet and websites without showing their IP address.

However, one may keep some limitations of web proxies available in the market at free of cost. These limitations mainly include low bandwidth management reach, including slow processing speed and frequently arising ads while accessing it.

Final Thought:

From the above-mentioned torrent websites alternatives to 1337x available in the market. We can conclude that there exist multiple torrent websites. These are having quite a similar layout and overall features with that of 1337x.

The 1337x torrent website might have been banned or blocked in most of the areas through their Internet service providers. Fixing up some issues and taking advantage of loopholes present in it in a legitimate manner, can access this.

Also, these sites like 1337x are widely used worldwide to download and transfer torrent files and data. Some of those websites are also having optimised search bars in it. It eases the users to search for the most appropriate content. They are looking for within the least possible time.

We have also discussed some of the topmost ways. Those were widely recognised and accepted across the globe for unblocking 1337x websites in the areas. Different Internet service providers have banned or blocked this for security purposes, also, for keeping the matter of pirated content problem in control.

Subsequently, these top three ways for unblocking torrent sites like 1337x. The users can consider this for having smooth access over their operations and downloading the latest Movies, Games, Software, Applications, Music, Entertainment series, etc. in the least possible time with maximum internet downloading and uploading speed. Furthermore, the data accessed through these unblocked 1337x Alternatives will be in the best high definition quality and could be able to receive transfer commands in a legit manner.