Covid-19 and its Effects on Our Lives

Covid-19 and its Effects in Our Lives

Coronavirus is a disease caused by a new virus that causes respiratory problems. It was initially reported in 2019, in China. It is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and from there it is derived as coronavirus. It can affect different people in different ways, and its symptoms can vary from mild to moderate. Its common symptoms are dry cough, sore throat, loss of taste, loss of sense of smell, discolouration of finger and toes, headache.

Its symptoms start from loss of sense of taste and smell and then progress towards shortness of breath. People with a weak immune system are more prone to this condition and develop more severe and life-threatening effects. Old age people and children are at high risk of the coronavirus.  This pandemic brought a big change in our lives and made us face many problems in the lockdown days. Some major problems faced by the people globally are:


Unemployment was observed at both telework and non-telework levels. To maintain social distancing, people were supposed to stay at homes and quit their jobs. And this also leads to a financial crisis at personnel and economical levels. The ratio of unemployment was seen more in males and young people who started their jobs as compared to women, who stay at home. Low-income workers suffered more than the ones with healthy salaries.

While the people who were working online were not affected as they can work from homes. Unemployment also raised inequality and disappointment in the low skilled people. Those who had advanced degrees were in a much better state, and they scarcely faced any problems. Whereas people who had only basic education and were working as labourers had to go through a lot. There was a time when the government also backed out in helping those poor people as the economy was also suffering.


During a lockdown, all the factories working on the production of food products were closed, due to a shortage of workers and to maintain social distancing. This leads to a shortage in the production of food, and this is considered as the greatest calamity for the entire mankind. Many greedy people started storing the food and selling it at high prices when they saw the shortage of food and thus people were deprived of the basic food necessities.


As the economy was going down, the government decided to get help from civil societies and private sectors, which in return increases the rate of corruption. They got new opportunities to expand the level of corruption by wasting the abilities of the government which they were putting in to benefit people. They used smart schemes to corrode the ways leading to economical development. Corruption was a problem even before COVID-19 but when the government was busy dealing with the crisis of the economy; all these sectors found it a golden chance to show their true colours.


People were scared after the rapid spread of the virus, and when they found that there is no vaccine or treatment of this virus, they were out of peace. And this constant state of worry increased the risk of depression. Depression also became one of the reasons behind weaker immunity and due to which the rate of deaths increased. People of all age groups were anxious and were looking for ways of finding peace. Also, the expanded lockdown was leading to anxiety, and people were worried about their jobs, and their expenses.

The availability of the internet was not accessible for every being, where they could spend most of their time avoiding unnecessary worrying. Parents were anxious about the studies and future of their children, kids faced a financial crisis when before they were living a happy life with the income of their sponsors, earning heads of the families were worried about how to feed their children.


Most of the people during the lockdown shifted their attention to the digital world, but the people who were having internet connections, have to go through socioeconomic inclusion. Internet was the only way to stay connected to the outside world as most of the educational institutes switched to online studies, but not all the children were able to be a part of the online studies. Thus, COVID-19 affected life at every level and brought a gap between the upper and lower classes of the communities.

As this is a new disease many articles and blogs were published on this virus, Theodyssesyblog also wrote about it to make people aware of it. A lot of assumptions are made about its spread, but later this was declared that the coronavirus travels from one person to another. So, to protect the unaffected people from the affected ones, the World Health Organization decided to go for lockdown on a global level.