Best Email Sending Services to Choose from in 2020

In spite of the social network buzz, free email service still remains the core of business communication on the Internet. As such, it is just important to evaluate the best email sending services available and make a choice that suits your needs. Many people are just complacent with the email service provider they currently use.

In good email sending services, you should watch out for an effective spam filter, enough storage space, user-friendly interface, mobile access and maybe the availability of a desktop client. If you haven’t attempted to explore any free email services, this may be a starting point for you. In this article, we have tried to highlight a few of the important features that may concern you and help you select the best email sending service for you.


Pepiost is Asia’s leading email sending service and is known for its affordable pricing and super-fast email deliverability.  Pepipost is one of the most preferred Sendgrid alternatives that is known for its Ai-powered email deliverability that helps its clients get better engagement rates for their emails.

Pepipost gives its users advanced features like a real-time dashboard, advanced email analytics, quick API and SMTP migration and highly detailed set-up documentation. They have pricing plans starting from $25 for 150,000 emails. They also have a 24/7 chat and email support for all clients and phone support for enterprise clients.


Gmail is arguably the best email service provider at the moment. Gmail is simple, secure, user-friendly and very reliable. It offers 15 GB of storage space with the free email account, seamlessly integrates with services like Calendar and Drive (where you can save attachments from the emails), and offers feature-rich apps for mobile devices. It supports built-in chat functionality that allows for voice and video chat as well.

The inbox can be configured to operate and look as per your wish. Enabling the tabbed interface prompts the service to auto-classify your incoming emails into Primary, Updates, Promotions, Social or Forums. While this is a simple configuration, it has a major impact on how you deal with emails, and can really help you stay on top of important emails that land up in the Primary tab.

Zoho Mail

Zoho has an entire suite of applications for individuals and businesses, including Zoho Mail that offers an excellent, free email account with 5 GB storage. Zoho Mail is a completely ad-free email service and if the storage space is insufficient, you have the option to pay for additional storage space at affordable rates. Zoho mail does not display adverts to protect your privacy. Email messages are not scanned for keywords for the purpose of marketing.

Though Zoho Mail is a perfectly suitable free mail service, it does not give the impression of being designed from an email-usage point of view. Instead, it gives the impression of being a dashboard of applications and services you use, with email smoothly integrated into it. You can access your email, tasks, calendar, notes, bookmarks and contact list in a tabbed interface that avoids cluttering and keeps you in control.


ProtonMail is an email service with one primary objective – private, secure, encrypted email. This email service does not sell your data since they have paid accounts. As such, it does offer a free email account so that everyone has access to a secure email service, however, the free account is quite basic.

Their free email account comes with 500 MB storage, one email address, and only 3 folders/labels. However, the security features are not restricted to free email accounts. They also get all the security features that are available with their paid plans.

Outlook (Previously Hotmail) is the flagship email service from Microsoft that offers free email accounts for personal use. It is the reinvented Hotmail and email service that offers an advertisement-supported web client and feature-rich apps for Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Outlook has a simple but very efficient interface. You can customize the email preview panels, set simple themes, use the dark mode or do detailed customization of the actions available to you as you read or compose emails. Outlook email service is also very intuitive about the options it offers you when you right-click on any email.