5 Simple Ways How to add music to a video online?

Any video has an essential element called audio. Many people put a lot of importance on having good video quality, but I would argue that your audio is much more important. Lets discuss How to add music to a video online?

Ways to add music to a video

Several studies and experiments have been conducted on this topic where great-looking 4K video was combined with mediocre audio quality compared to crisp and clear audio and mediocre visuals. According to the results, people preferred the later alternative since the audio and music were much clearer and easier to comprehend in the video.

Of course, the optimal scenario is one in which the audio and video are of excellent quality. And if you are seeking to add some music or audio to your movie after finally figuring out this step, you have come to the perfect spot.

Let’s get started. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how simple it is to add audio and add music to video.

5 Simple Ways, How to add music to your video in 5 simple steps

I want to be clear right away that this method is the same for all forms of video editing software, whether you use a PC, a mobile device, or an internet service to edit your films.

Method 1: Choose the audio files.

You must look through your computer’s folders when the tab opens to determine precisely where the audio or music files are stored. All of the offline and online video editing programmes provide this option, which is essentially the same. The app would simply take you to your phone’s storage if you were using this procedure on your phone.

Like on a PC, you must do a phone storage search to discover where the audio and music files are stored on your smartphone. Once you’ve located the audio or add music to video, all you have to do is connect on them to immediately add them to the library of the video editing programme.

You may even drag and drop your audio files into the video editing programme by going to the folder where they are located on the majority of machines. You may also import files into the programme using this method.

Method 2: Open your video editing programme.

The first and most prominent step is to launch your video editing programme or programme for adding music to your video.

Actually, if I were to proceed down this path, the first step should be to open your computer, smartphone, or online browser, followed by the video editing programme.

Once the app has successfully launched on your device, select the project you are already working on or start a brand-new one to import audio and video files for the project.

Method 3: Match your video’s audio file.

Technically, if all you wanted to do was add add music to video, your work is over because it now has the music you wanted. However, there are situations when the music outpaces the video that is playing. And when that occurs, there will often be a black screen after the video has ended until the music you have playing has finished. Your task is complete if it is what you desire for the entire video.

However, if your audio is longer than your video, you may simply click on the end of the audio clip on the timeline and drag it from there to the point where the video clip is. You’ve now successfully added music to your video after adjusting your music to the exact same duration!

Method 4: Add audio files to the programme.

Once you have launched the project you are now using for editing the video or have begun editing your film, you will see a variety of menu options on the top hand of the screen. You must look it up in the editing programme you are using because this menu choice may change between them.

However, the menu choice is found on the left side of the screen for the majority of editing programmes. In the menu button, you should see an option to import audio and video files.
When you select the option, a new tab with all of your computer’s files will appear.

Method 5: Drag the audio file onto the timeline

The challenging portion is finished now that all of your audio and music files are in the library of your movie editing programme. From this point forward, you must choose the audio files you imported and add them to the timeline.

All video editing programmes have a timeline, which is represented by the brackets on the bottom half of the screen.
You may add any and all effects and features you want to your movie on the timeline. Simply click on the audio file and drag it down to the timeline below to add the music files to the timeline. The audio clip will appear on the timeline automatically, giving you access to the add music to video.

Additionally, different buttons on various programmes are accessible and vary from programme to programme, allowing users to insert an audio file between two other audio files or at a specified point on the timeline.

Final Words

That’s all there is to it. An instruction manual for adding music to your video The procedure is the same for all varieties of video editing software, which is fantastic since it means that you would just need to follow these instructions, no matter which programme or application you use.

What sort of music do you add to your videos to express the message you want to get across, and what video editing software do you operate for it? Please convey your ideas with us in the comments section below.

(FAQ) Frequently asked Questions regarding how to add music to a video.

Let’s talk about a few of the questions individuals have concerning this subject.

What are the general benefits of including music in your video?

Depending on the kind of video you are producing, incorporating music has various benefits. There is no benefit to adding music to a rather sombre video since it would not go with what you are doing. But having said that, Adding music or background music to your films may make them appear and sound much better to the viewers, especially if you are producing some kind of educational video.

Then it really helps if you have background music playing while your video is playing since it aids in keeping the audience’s attention and conveys the message that you were attempting to convey. You might also be curious in learning about the general advantages of video editing now that you are aware of the advantages of including music in your film.

How can background music be added to a video editing programme?

I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial on how to add background music to your video editing programme. The fundamental procedures are the same for any video editing software and wouldn’t vary. The first thing you should check is if the background music is stored in the app itself or on your computer.
If the background music is already on your computer, you’ll need to look through it and add the audio clip to the programme.

After importing the background music file into your device, all that is left to do is drag and drop the track from your software’s library onto the timeline located at the bottom of your screen. All kinds of audio and video files may be converted using this straightforward technique.

Why is music necessary for your video?

Your videos don’t always need to include music. Many people have unique preferences on whether or not they wish to include music in their videos.However, many of the videos you watch on the internet include music or background music. Simply put, adding music to your videos helps them stand out from the competition and makes them a bit simpler to watch and absorb.

By seeing two videos of comparable length, one with music and the other without, you may put it to the test for yourself. The video with the music probably has a greater viewing ability since it just makes watching that much more enjoyable.

How can I make a video’s background music completely free?

The entire background music addition process for your video is truly free. Many video editing programmes come with copyright-free background music straight out of the box. You may quickly go through the background music and other tracks in your video editing program’s collection to find the songs that work best for your video and add them.

As I previously stated, adding music to your movies is always free since it just requires a few easy steps—importing the audio clips and adding them to the software’s timeline—and because no editing programme, no matter which one you use, will charge you for it.

Where can I get the audio or music for the video?

While there are many locations where you may locate music for your films, your video editing programme is one of the best and most convenient places to look. It’s true that there aren’t many video editing programmes with music included, but there are a few.

You may easily find the song that best fits your video by searching through the software’s music collection. You might try searching on YouTube if your programme doesn’t offer any music alternatives. You may obtain a tonne of non-copyright music from it and include it in your film by simply importing it into the programme.

You may also opt out of certain premium websites that permit users to download add music to video if you are a member of their subscription plan.

How can I include audio in an already-existing video?

The procedure is the same if you already have a video that you are editing on software or have already shot the video and are attempting to add music to it. The video must first be imported into the video editing programme.

You must import the audio files that you wish to use in your video onto the video editing programme after you have imported the video. Other times, you may just load the audio and video files into the programme as a single batch.

The simple part is to simply drag the video clip down to the timeline and repeat the same for the audio files after importing all the files you wish to utilize. Based on their duration, the programme ought to automatically synchronize the audio and video files; however, you may change either one to your satisfaction.

How do you pick the perfect music for your video?

Due to the wide range of preferences among people about the kinds of videos they choose to make, this is a very individualised inquiry.There are several situations in which having no music is preferable to having it. You must consider the style of the video you are making and the general tone that the film is trying to convey.
Naturally, background music is added to a video if you want to express a joyful, upbeat tone.

However, if you are discussing a serious subject, you may still try using some music. However, in my opinion, the message comes across better without any music because it doesn’t have to be distracted from.